How to rent a car for a wedding or honeymoon


You're looking for a car for your wedding or honeymoon. Even if you do have a car, you may not be sure you can bank on it to run well. Sometimes couples like to have a car of their own, for sentimental reasons. It may be a good idea to hire a car from a car rental agency though. There are many agencies such as Hertz, Budget, Avis which offer cars on rent. You can choose from Economy, Compact, Mid-Size, Standard, Full-Size, Premium, Luxury, Converible, MiniVan cars and SUVs. Whew! That's some choice.

The rental of a car depends on several factors. The more expensive the make of the car, the higher the rent. It also depends on the location where you want the car to be. The number of days you rent it for also makes it more or less expensive. It also depends on the availability but that is rarely a problem unless you live in a really far flung place. You can also get a chauffeur from most car rental agencies if you choose to.

An economy car can cost you $35 for a single day but only about $180 for a whole week, that's about $25 a day. This is assuming you're going to drive yourself or have a friend drive the car for you. Compact or mid-size cars will be in the same price range or maybe $10-$20 higher. Full size cars will be around $230 a week on rent while premium cars are usually $250 for a week. Luxury cars cost $400 or so to rent for a week. The weekly rental for convertible luxury cars may be $500 or more. A car which one car rental agency considers 'luxury' another may classify as 'standard'. Check which car they're referring to when they quote a fee on an online price comparison website for car rentals.

Sometimes hiring a car for a week saves money than getting it on and off even if it just sits parked in your driveway for a couple of days. Make sure you pick up the car on the right day. If you need a car from the weekend, take it a day earlier and you may save getting billed for the weekend rate. Look around for the right price and book a car rental ahead of time. Services like Priceline will let you compare car rental prices across several agencies at once. So you don't have to visit Hertz or Avis individually. Just enter in your requirements and get a quote instantly. It's often cheaper booking a car rental online as compared to going to a brick-n-mortar car rental agency.

Check with your car rental agency about their cancellation policies. If you're booking a car rental online you can just read their terms of service. cars which come equipped with sophisticated devices such as GPS tracking systems or state-of-the-art music systems are more expensive to rent. Consider if you're going to use all of this before you pay for it. You may not need to buy car insurance as your credit card company may have you covered already. Take a good look at the car inside out when you take delivery. If you see anything broken or non-functional, bring it to the notice of the person giving you possession of the car and get it noted. Fill up the car's fuel tank when you hand it back or you may be stuck with additional charges.

If you and your partner are not married yet and both plan to drive, make sure you're both listed in the agreement with the car rental company. Get an International Drivers Permit if you will be travelling out of the country. If you're going to have a friend drive the car make sure he knows how to drive well and he stays sober! Some people are only used to manual transmission and may not be comfortable with automatic transmission or vice versa. Check with your friend or whoever is going to play driver. Some car rental companies will not let anyone below 25 years of age drive the car. Some insist that the driver be 21. Check with your car rental company. Taxes, insurance, fuel, drop-off charges will add to the cost.