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Technology has permitted so many advanced changes in our lives that are apparent in wedding planning as well. Wedding websites are now becoming increasingly popular as effective tools to manage relevant information pertaining to the wedding and to keep guests abreast and updated on various aspects. More simplistically, a wedding website is a couple’s public expression of the exciting build-up to a wedding and their way of sharing that excitement with their family and friends.

One of the loveliest of traditions related to a wedding is the first dance. The new couple takes the floor and initiates the dance which appears to become a metaphor for the balance and rhythm required of two people if they are to start a life together. But symbolism apart, a perfect first dance requires a good deal of advance preparation. So if you are planning the first dance for your own wedding, here are a few tips and advice.

A little bit of background

Your best friend or close cousin is getting married and you want to give him something special, here is a list of things you could choose from, either that he and his bride can enjoy as a couple, for the home or exclusively for him.

For the home

1) Paintings
If he’s into modern art or loves a good canvas, you could gift him one for that blank wall in his apartment.

2) Beer mugs
If you’ve bonded over beers and soccer games, a set of monogrammed beer mugs adds a nice touch.

A wedding is always an occasion for celebration. And even more so if you’re an important part of it or you have the honor of making up the wedding party. If you’re the Best Man you have the pleasure of dancing with the bridesmaids and it’s an added perk if they’re pretty and available! But for many who have the privilege of being the Best Man, with it comes the dubious honor of making a speech. And for some, that’s enough to put a dampener on the evening until it’s over and done with.

A wedding invitation is the first formal announcement of your wedding. If you decide to plan and create wedding invitations by hand, it may take a long time. However, technology has advanced to such an extent today, that there are now many practical and useful Wedding Invitation software to make your task easier and save your time and energy. The computer now has the solution to all your invite designing and printing needs.

What’s the first thought that springs to your mind when you receive an invitation to a wedding? After the initial curiosity is satisfied over the date and the venue, for most women and some men, the immediate question is, "What am I going to wear?" No longer are venues restricted to hotels or reception halls. Being different is the norm and weddings can be held on a lawn, at a beach or even on a ranch.

He’s popped the question, she’s accepted. They’re both walking on cloud nine. It’s a glorious time to revel in the beauty of the moment and envision life ahead. She’s probably dreamt of her ‘Prince Charming’ sweeping her off her feet and living ‘happily ever after’, since she was a little girl. He’s probably been running scared of this moment (and the commitment it entails) since his adolescent days – until he found her – the woman of his dreams.

The Best Man is often the groom’s brother, cousin, best friend – a confidant or someone he has been close to for a better part of his life.

Duties of the Best Man (If from out of town, then all the duties may not be possible)


Assist the groom with wedding-related shopping such as his tux, wedding ring, etc.

Coordinate with the groomsmen regarding the tux measurements, payments etc.

Host the bachelor party with the assistance of the groomsmen

The Groomsmen are usually the bride and groom’s brothers, cousins or close friends who are there to assist the groom with any activities he may need help with

Duties of the Groomsmen

Assist the Best Man with hosting the bachelor’s party

Attend the rehearsal

Arrive for fitting/ appointments at scheduled time

Assist the groom with any specific activities he designates 

Help the Best Man decorate the getaway car

Arrive punctually for ceremony/reception

The Flower Girl is usually the niece of the bride/groom, a close friend’s daughter or any other young relative, generally between the ages of three and eight.

Duties of the Flower Girl

Attend the rehearsal

Arrive at the ceremony at the designated hour

Walk with the ring bearer or behind him, preceding the bride in the processional carrying basket/strewing petals along the aisle

Pay for the wedding attire and accessories

Pay for travel if from out of town. Lodging expenses are ordinarily taken care of or might have to be borne as well.


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