Hairstyles for brides


A major decision a bride has to make for her wedding day is how to wear her hair, what hairstyle to choose. Will she wear it up or down? With veil or no veil? Tiara or without jewellery? There are so many choices before her and she has to choose one that complements her style and liking, one that will enhance her appearance on her wedding day.

To make that choice she has to firstly, look at some existing styles shown in bridal magazines, catalogues of hairstylists, catalogues of websites, etc. She can consult friends and family while making a choice. She must choose a style that appeals to her and one that will compliment her face, complexion and figure, as well as the mood of the wedding.

Secondly, she must make an appointment with her hair stylist and arrange for a practice session of the hairstyle. Wear the formal hairstyle for a couple of hours to see how it holds up for the time of the wedding ceremony. If you are going to use fresh flowers, a practice session may be costly but practical. Thirdly, look around in antique stores for cute unusual accessories for your hair, like tiaras, hairpins, clips, clasps etc. Fourth, make allowance for the veil if you are using one in your hair design.

There are basically five popular hairstyles for brides:

1) Classic updo

Updo-updo is the mantra for most brides. The hair is arranged in a mass, sweeping upwards toward the crown of the head. Sophisticated up-do's are a popular choice with brides, with curls and twists added for more dramatic effect. This style is most suited for hair medium in length (chin length or longer) and is straight and medium to thick. For those with thin hair, a faux-updo can be created with a pin-on ponytail or add-on hair strands.

2) Modern updo

It alters the classic updo, adding a softer, more romantic look. It has a tousled look, which can be achieved with all hair lengths and textures, using tiaras, combs and hairpins.

3) Long style

Another style is to leave the hair long, in curly tresses or sleek and straight. A half up-do maybe attempted. A tiara or a veil may add to the look, some even combining both for an elegant look.

4) Short styles

Short hair can also be elegantly dressed. A tiara or a jeweled barrette can accentuate a soft bob. Hair can be worn in a wavy fashion. If hair is short, one may consider a small hairpiece to bring graceful curls to the nape of the neck.

5) Curly and wavy hair

Brides and bridesmaids who have curly or wavy hair can adopt any hairstyle. They may allow a long curly tresses look, a smart chignon or even straighten part of their hair.

Some brides who want to go in for the spiral curl look can use any of the following tools: curling irons, hot rollers, rag rollers set in spiral pattern, velcro rollers etc. Spiral curls are most successful on shoulder length hair. has a collection of several bridal hairstyles that range from classic to modern. 'Retro regal' is a hairstyle that is a sleek updo topped with a retro tiara. An 'Afternoon garden wedding' style has loose, tousled hair pulled back softly with a sparkling comb. A medium and large curling iron can be used to produce the romantic curls. The 'Vintage romance' hairstyle has softly pinned curls with a touch of lace and an antique comb. 'Hollywood starlet' style is more dramatic, with fun, spunky curls. 'Spanish flair' consists of a bold chignon and old-world style accessories. 'Chic contemporary' gives a sleek, modern look enhanced by a contemporary crystal hair comb.

Some accessories of hairstyles never go out of fashion. The tiara is one such, which does not distract from any bridal hairstyle but works in harmony with it. Next is the simple veil made of tulle or net, which works with even the most elaborate hairstyles. The headpiece is next, usually made of lace and works well with hair that is piled up on the head with big curls. Next is the Juliet Cap, made of lace and beads accentuating a short, bobbed hairstyle. These hairpieces are timeless classics.

Some hair tips for brides:

Do not wash your hair on the day of your wedding. Hairstyles work better with unwashed hair, easy to manipulate because of natural oils. Wear a button-down shirt, which can be easily removed after setting your hair. Also, get your hair colored at least 2-3 weeks before the big day.

Many such tips and hundreds of hairstyle ideas are available on websites like . This site has over 3,500 hairstyles and 53 colors to suit your face. All you have to do is upload your photo and specify your choice of color (blond/ash etc.), face shape (oval/round etc.), hair density etc. and they will come up with different photos of you with different matching hairstyles.