A wedding is one of those events where even a thousand things need to be planned and taken care of; and yet all the trials and purchases only serve to build up the excitement, not dampen it. So in the midst of major attention-grabbers like the wedding dress, church seating and catering, don’t forget the importance of bridal lingerie on the big day. And in case it had slipped from your to-do list, here are some quick tips on buying bridal lingerie.

Don’t leave it for the last day

A major decision a bride has to make for her wedding day is how to wear her hair, what hairstyle to choose. Will she wear it up or down? With veil or no veil? Tiara or without jewellery? There are so many choices before her and she has to choose one that complements her style and liking, one that will enhance her appearance on her wedding day.


Bridal showers are a fun way of getting together and having some fun with the bride before she’s no longer ‘single and so free to mingle’. It gives the bride a chance to enjoy the company of her family and friends before getting caught up in the frantic pace of last-minute wedding preparations.

While all your thoughts are occupied with planning your wedding and creating memories to last a lifetime, there are other things that will stay with you long after the last toast has been made and the last grain of rice or confetti tossed. Your name. Whether or not you choose to change it all down to individual preference – that of the bride, as it has been part of her identity for a long time and is a very personal decision – and to a certain extent, how strongly the groom feels about it too.


The most exciting part of the wedding, for most brides, is wearing the perfect wedding dress on the wedding day. They always dream about looking gorgeous in their swirling outfits and unforgettable in the eyes of the groom and the guests.

Usually if you are buying your wedding dress, you use it only for a couple of hours. Then it the spends rest of its life in storage, till maybe your daughter's wedding. So the cost of the dress is an important consideration.

There are three categories of bridal gowns, according to Carley Roney of '' website

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