Valentine's Day - Unusual Gift Ideas for Him

Finding an unusual gift for a guy is hard as it is; but when you have to make it appropriate for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day – it seems a job well nigh impossible. So if your boyfriend or partner is bored of colognes and cufflinks that you have been lavishing on him for all these years, here are some unusual gift ideas that you can get for the man of your life this Valentine’s Day.

Message in a bottle

This works as the perfect gift for men who value class and sophistication above the merely mushy. Choose a tall, elegant glass bottle, preferably one which had contained champagne or a fine wine but is now clean and dry. Then pen your own personalized message or love letter; if you are have difficulty voicing your feelings, copy out a favorite love poem on a piece of handmade paper. Roll this up and insert it in the bottle. Alternatively if you feel all this is too much hard work, you can get these in specialty gift stores too where they come with own designer wine bag. On Valentine’s Day, when your lover opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate your love, surprise him with this elegant and classy ‘message in a bottle’ gift.

Sexy shorts

If you have stuck to staid stuff all these years while picking up a gift for your man, surprise him this time with a gift of boxer shorts emblazoned with hearts or even customized with your own personal slogan. You can look for these in male apparel or lingerie stores and you can ask the shorts to be printed with a message like “I LUV …” with your name coming in the end. These usually come in a choice of red and white and are made from comfortable cotton material; so even while they are great for your man lounging about the house, you will know that underneath he is all ready for romance.

Dress it up

If gifting innerwear for Valentine's Day is too predictable for you, take it a step further by dressing up the bedroom. Buy a new set of luxurious sheets, whether of black satin, virginal lace or ethnic Egyptian cotton. Set a bouquet of flowers next to the bed, and decorate with candles and rose petals. You will not only enjoy the ambience on February 14th, but you'll also get to enjoy those sheets for a long time to come.

Collect for him

If your guy is a collector, then you are lucky enough to have a good opportunity to choose an unusual gift for him. Around a month before Valentine’s Day, keep your ears open for hints of anything particular that he is looking to add to his collection. If he is into books, scour bookshops and auction centers for rare editions of his favorite books. Or if your guy is a connoisseur of fine arts, look for a painting or sculpture that he can add to his collection. You can also go for a set of the finest crystal wine goblets if he is the proud owner of a well-stocked cellar. As his partner you are best placed to find out what he has his eyes on and presenting that to him as a Valentine’s Day gift would mean the world to him.

Accessorize with love

If your guy is the traditional sort, you are unlikely to go wrong with a precious gift on Valentine’s Day. But instead of sticking to cuff-links and rings that have become all too common, look for anything else in silver or platinum that will bring a sparkle to your partner’s eyes. It could be a cigar case in sterling silver if he is fond of smoking cigars or an accessory like a luxury watch. For the men of outdoors something like a Swiss knife with multiple functions and engraved with his name could make for a special gift.

Time with Friends

This is a great gift idea if you are friendly with another like-minded couple. You and your pals can join together to each give the men "boys’ weekend". While they will probably be out till late at night or even spend it out of town, your man will love that you were so thoughtful and will know that you planned ahead to give this truly unusual present.

Time with Each Other

On the other hand if you like most people cannot imagine spending a Valentine’s Day without your significant other, make sure you do something different this year. Give the traditional Valentine’s dinner at a restaurant a miss and instead pack a picnic basket and head for the neighborhood park. Then again instead of spending a packet on expensive movie tickets, rent DVDs of your favorite love stories and get cozy before your home theatre system. Another alternative to the movie outing on Valentine’s Day could to get tickets for the theatre, a comedy show or even a magic show. You will not only enjoy the unique pleasure of a live performance but feel really connected to each other in mutual enjoyment.

Look ahead

For a different take on Valentine’s Day gifts, plan activities for the future that will be romantic time together. The present could be tickets to a new play, a picnic basket with a note about using it during the upcoming summer, or a spa gift certificate for couples’ treatments. This is a particularly good idea when Valentine’s Day falls midweek and you cannot take an evening out on a working day. Moreover your partner will be relieved to find out that he is not expected to do anything special for you on this very day. At the same time your gift will tell him that you are thinking about your future together and you can be sure he will anticipate the moment when you can be together with great relish.