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A love of seeing new places and embarking on new journeys often lies at the heart of major life decisions for many people. Such individuals love traveling more than anything else. If you are one of them, what better way to make good your passion that by opting for careers which will actually pay you to visit new places. Here are then ten careers for people who love to travel and be on the move.

India has played host to people from different parts of the world since 2500 BCE when the highly urbanized Indus Valley Civilization attracted foreign traders and artisans keen to do business with the local populace. Later with the spread of colonialism, many Europeans found trading, working and living in India a far more lucrative prospect as compared to back home. Conditions now though are quite different from earlier times – with both favorable and unfavorable results. So if you too are thinking of having a long term stay in India, here are a few things to keep in mind.

With its first civilization going back to 2500 BCE, India is a virtual treasure trove of cultural and historical attractions. The myriad arts, crafts, people, cuisines and topography of the land create a kaleidoscope of color and energy that has always attracted people from all over the world. Though India still remains a cherished destination, its popularity among tourists has taken a beating in recent times due to issues of safety, especially for women.

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