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Cities which rank among the top tourist attractions in the world usually boast of a mix of scenic beauty, rich heritage and vibrant living culture. Such cities offer its visitors a wide range of delights and many things to do over the span of several days. Here are then five cities from across the world where even a week would be too short a time to enjoy all their attractions.

The best part about holidaying in April is that you get to witness the burst of spring colors, sounds and fragrances. Then again the South of Europe starts to get warm around this time which makes it an ideal destination before the summer crowds take over. So if you are planning to go on a holiday this April, here are ten places to consider.

February is a good time to catch up on some skiing if you have missed out winter sports in the previous months. On the other hand if you like your holidays to be balmy and exotic, tropical beaches are a good bet. Above all, this is the month of love and so pack your bags, book your flight and whisk away your beloved to some of the most romantic spots on earth.

July is a great time to take off to holiday spots across the world. Many towns host fiestas and parades during this time of the year while others showcase perennial natural or historic attractions. Wherever you go, it is one big, long party of fun, food and celebrations. So go through these ten top July destinations before you finalize your travel plans.

The heydays of summer make one of the best holiday seasons. Places like Northern Europe have long warm days and midnight sun while the mountains in many parts of the world offer a respite from rising temperatures. So check out the following places as you pack your bags and shoot off an application to your boss for some time off.

March is one of the best times to set out on a holiday – no matter which part of the world. It that time of the year when spring has started making tentative appearances in the colder climes while the weather is still cool and fresh in the tropical regions. So before you rush to your travel agent, take a look at these holiday destinations from around the world.

May is one of the most popular months to go on a holiday. And with good reason too – the weather is warm and sunny without the humidity of late summer. Roses are in full bloom everywhere and it is a great time for outdoor activities. So if you have your annual vacation planned for May, here are ten places worth considering.

No sooner than the Christmas-New Year celebrations are over, than one begins to dread the prospect of going back to work and a life of monotony. However if you wish to keep up the spirit of celebration, how about taking off on a vacation in January? Here are some great destinations, varying from winter-sports venues to tropical beaches where you can escape all that sleet and snow.

Tropical beaches make some of the best November holiday destinations – as do cities either in the heart of northern or southern continents before the depth of winter or peak of summer sets in. So if you are thinking of taking a vacation this November, consider the following ten holiday spots.

August is the busiest vacation time on the Continent since the schools are closed down for the summer break and almost all places are basking in the warmth of late summer. Thus hotel prices tend to be high in this month as flights are likely to get booked quickly. However there are many other places in the world where you could holiday at a leisurely pace and without spending a bomb. Here are ten spots worth considering for a holiday in August.


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