More you have Facebook friends, longer you live

New York [USA], Nov. 6 (ANI): Now this is interesting! Did you know, your Facebook friend circle is connected to your life span?

A study says that if you accept all your Facebook friend requests, you're probably expected to live longer, reports the New York Daily.

20 minutes of cycling can cure heart related diseases

New Delhi [India], Oct. 9 (ANI): Do you know that just 20 minutes of daily cycling can almost half your risk of dying from a heart related disease?

E-cigarettes help almost 20,000 people stop smoking: Study

London [England], Sept. 14 (ANI): According to a recent study thousands of people have successfully been able to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes.

Get bitten by book-worm! It helps you to live longer

London, Aug. 7 (ANI): A new study says, along with increasing your knowledge, reading is also linked to your life span.

Using a data of 3,635 people over 50, the researchers found that people who read almost three and a half hour per day were 17 per cent less likely to die over 12 years of follow-up and those who read more than that were 23 per cent less likely to die, reports the Independent.

Vegans have lower death rates than meat-eaters: Study

London, Aug. 7 (ANI): A study finds out that not having any kind of animal products may lower the death rates. The study, published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal, reignites the debate around increasingly popular vegan diets amid conflicting medical advice and evidence over their impact of proponents’ health, reports the Independent.

Low calorie diet can add years to your life

Washington DC, Jun 30 (ANI): Count your calories even if you don't need to as a recent study has suggested that cutting calories can extend your lifespan.

Find out why women live longer than men

Washington D.C., June 15 (ANI): It's queer but true - women have a longer lifespan compared to men.

Researchers Steven Austad and Kathleen Fischer of the University of Alabama explored this riddle in their latest perspective piece.

107-year-old credits long life to red wine

London, Feb 6 (ANI): A recently-deceased 107-year-old Spanish man attributed his longevity to his drinking habits, which was four bottles of red wine a day and no water.

1/3 of young Chinese men will die from smoking

London, Oct 9 (ANI): Does China's future belong to women? Yes, if the men keep smoking as a new study has suggested that one in three of all the young men in China will eventually be killed by tobacco.

Guess the secret of living a long life!

Washington D.C., Oct. 8 (ANI): The world's oldest person, Susannah Mushatt Jones, has revealed her secret for a long life! It's bacon.
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