Herpes Dating

When your Partner has Genital Herpes and you Don't

Finding out that a partner has a sexually transmitted disease like genital herpes can turn out to be a major stress trigger in a relationship. Not only do you have to deal with the medical implications of a partner with an STD but also the probability that he/she partner may have been unfaithful to you, especially since you are infection free. Here are a few ways to cope when you find out that your partner has genital herpes while you don’t.

Dating websites help match people with same STDs

New York, Mar. 29 (ANI): New dating websites like Positive Singles and STD Soulmates are making it easier for people with sexually-transmitted disease to find love.

How to Meet Someone with Herpes

Sexually transmitted diseases are more common that acknowledged in mainstream media and dating culture. And one of the most prevalent among the STDs is herpes – for sexually active men and women, it is not unusual to come across the infection either in a partner or develop oneself. In you have the infection yourself, you may wish to meet and date others who are also familiar with the condition instead of being perpetually on tenterhooks for fear of infecting someone who is as yet free of herpes. So no matter what your motivation, here are a few tips on how to meet someone with herpes and go dating.

Herpes Dating - Matchmaking and Dating for those with Herpes

It's easy to give up on dating altogether when you find out that you have genital herpes. That's the only logical choice right? Of course not, but there are changes you have to make once you get the unfortunate diagnosis. In the United States, roughly one out of every five individuals has genital herpes, so at the very least you can rest assured that you're not alone.

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