Seducing men

You have been dating this wonderful guy for weeks now and know for sure that he is not serious about any other woman. And yet something seems to be holding him back from going all out for you. Here are ten of the most common reasons why you may be scaring off a guy or simply unable to get him to like you.

Expectations from a romantic relationship do not merely depend upon the concerned individuals, despite what popular media may have to say. Historical and cultural influences often play a major role in building up gender roles and determining what partners find attractive in each other.  So if you were wondering whether men are turned off or attracted to sexually aggressive women, here are a few thoughts to chew on.

Catching the attention of a guy is not really the same thing as making him fall in love with you. There is a world of difference between the two – and not merely in terms of commitment. Being in love implies a purer desire to give and always be there for the person in your heart. Though Love is not anybody’s to command, still here are a few ways which can help you make a man feel that way for you.

Men are on the whole visual creatures – this is a claim that science has been making in recent times even though women expert in the art of seduction have known it for ages. And yet being attractive to a guy does not stop at looking beautiful or even having a luscious figure – it also includes the way to move, walk and talk when with him. Here are a few basics on being more attractive to men which may help you snag the date you have been long waiting for.

Women all over the world invest considerable time and energy to look attractive for men. And one significant component of their appearance is hair. Perhaps this is why women continue to agonize over the right hairstyle which will not only attract the man of their dreams but also keep him hooked. In this context highly unconventional looks like going bald have always evoked considerable debate, with male reactions ranging from a fetishistic attraction to downright repulsion. Here are a few thoughts on whether men find bald women attractive.

Among the many contradictions of contemporary culture is the curious representation of the reed-thin, almost anorexic female body as the most coveted female figure whereas in real life, obesity is emerging as one of the most common lifestyle conditions. So how do men want like their partners to be in actual life – skinny like the ramp models or with fuller figures like real women?

A mutually satisfying sex life is a major plus in any relationship. however in order to have one, it is not enough to be guided by emotions. Like any other skill, the art of giving pleasure to your guy is an acquired one which in fact gets better with practice. Here are a few tips on how to turn on a man and leave him gasping for more.

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Remember when you were single? You could go to the club and have any man you wanted wrapped around your little finger. You knew how to bat your eyes, pout your lips and smile in a way that promised skills any man would die for. They worked great.  And then one time they worked a little too well. Or, I should say, they worked on just the right guy. Now you are married..

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  2. Grown men do not need leaders. - Edward Abbey, Author
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    TIP: Download the guide to winning a man's love, attention and devotion for life.

While women have always been thought to be difficult to understand, the same could be said of the modern male too. Pulled in different ways by social expectations, notions of gender equality and personal desire, no wonder that guys feel mixed up sometimes and prefer to remain non-committal. And yet there are a few clues about his verbal and non-verbal communication that could prove hopeful. So if you have been eyeing that gorgeous guy for some time now, here are ten signs to tell you if he is interested.


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