10 Things Guys do that Turn Girls Off

Ever wonder why despite landing a nice date now and then, nothing seems to have really worked out for you? If you notice that after going out with you a couple of times, girls keep avoiding your calls, perhaps you need to consider what you have been doing wrong. Here is a list of the top ten things guys often do that turn girls off.

  1. Loving the sound of their own voice.

    It is understandable when you are eager to display your razor-sharp wit and wide-ranging intellect at a date. But if you don’t allow your partner to put in a word now and then, there is hardly anything in it for her to keep seeing you again. An effective conversation is as much about being silent and listening to the other person as it is about making your own point.

  2. Being deeply in love with themselves

    A guy who can only talk about himself, his own achievements and ambitions for the future is hugely boring. If you really want girls to be interested in you, try asking them about their favorite pastimes, their friends or the best vacation that they ever took. At the same time, refrain from the temptation to preen yourself every time you pass a mirror or manage a not-so-secretive sneak onto the polished surface of a plate. No matter how much you love yourself, remember you are out with a girl and she might be put off by your vanity and self-obsessed behavior.

  3. Showing up with extravagant gifts.

    A first date is not the occasion for showering expensive gifts on your partner. If you turn up with a gift-wrapped diamond brooch or an exotic arrangement of orchids for her, more likely than not she will be embarrassed at your over-the-top gestures. At worst, she is likely to get suspicious of your real intentions and feel that you are trying to buy her affections.  Even if she is the kind of girl who can be hooked only by attractive gifts, consider if this is the right reason you want to have a partner for. So keep it subtle on the first few dates and let your gifts convey your thoughts for the person rather than be an excuse to show off your finances.

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  4. Insisting that she split the bill.

    At the other end of the turn-offs spectrum is display of a petty mentality. It is the duty, indeed the privilege of a guy to pay on the first date, even if his partner offers to do so at the end of a dinner. If you happen to calculate the price of the chocolate cherry fondue that she had for dessert while you went for plain old vanilla ice cream and then insist that she pay up accordingly, you might as well kiss all chances of seeing her again goodbye. Remember paying on a date is not just about following social conventions but more an indication of your generosity of nature and ability to provide for another person in case you are looking for a relationship.

  5. Looking like something the cat dragged in.

    Agreed that you believe appearances should not come in the way of meaningful relationships. At the same time, which girl would like to be seen with a guy dressed in dirty tees and jeans while sporting a two-day stubble on his face? So if you don’t want to turn off your date, be sure you are well-groomed, don’t have BO and are dressed like a gentleman.

  6. Checking out other women.

    This has all the makings of a major turn off for women. If you are out on a date with a particular girl, it indicates that you have chosen to give her your attention and time. On the other hand, if your partner finds you perpetually distracted in her company or ogling at other girls in the pub or restaurant even while sitting with her, she will naturally sign you off as a waste of time.

  7. Getting too close too quickly.

    Women on the whole like to be sure of a guy before getting intimate with him. So one of the worst mistakes you can make while dating is try to get physical with a girl before she has given a hint that she would like you to do so. Brushing past against a girl repeatedly, groping for her waist/hand, or kissing on the mouth without being invited to, are common goof-ups by men who think that they will come off as being sexy and desirable if they try to get physical with their partners. In fact they merely come off as annoying and desperate.

  8. Displaying intolerant behavior.

    This is more complicated and often men do not realize that they have made a mistake. You might hold certain views on politics, religion or society but be careful of how and where you express them. Offensive words or actions against a group or people can come off very badly before women who are intelligent enough to consider your behavior to strangers as important clues to your personality. Even if the gestures on your part are not thought-out like abusing the guy who cut you off on the road or the waitress who miscalculated the small change, they can turn off women who may be uncomfortable with your intolerance or quick temper.

  9. Going off to sleep without a good night kiss.

    For most women the time immediately after making love is when they feel intimately connected to their partner. So instead of allowing your girlfriend to savor this bonding, if you merely turn over and go to sleep, you will come off as insensitive and selfish.

  10. Forgetting to turn down the toilet seat.

    Yes, “little” things as these can really drive a woman crazy. So if you are staying at her place and using her stuff, make sure you do so responsibly and in the way she is used to.

While there may be any number of things that girls love to hate in guys, the thumb rule is to avoid those that display insensitivity and crassness. Everyone likes to be treated with respect and affection and women are no different.