How a Sense of Humor Can Help You Charm Girls

Money and social status have traditionally been considered been the most effective way to attract women. Humor is a relatively late entry but guys today are increasingly finding out that an ability to make girls laugh can work wonders for their social lives. So here is how to use humor to charm girls and top the popularity charts.

Humor can be one of the best tools to break the ice on a first date. On meeting a girl you hardly know anything about, awkward pauses and hesitant attempts at conversation are only but natural. However the situation can be immeasurably improved if you make a light-hearted comment on the weather or recount a funny incident that you witnessed on your way to work that day. Sharing coffee and laughter with your date will not only ease away the tension in the air but also make you both feel at ease and prepare you to enjoy each other’s company. Just beware of using pick-up lines that have been done to death. Instead of downloading them wholesale from the internet and then using the same one for twenty different girls, make an effort to find out a unique feature about the particular girl who has caught your attention. This will not only make her smile at your clever line but make her feel pretty special too.

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Even after you have got past the introductory phase, a sense of humor can still come in handy. If you wish to know more about your date – her interests, work and friends – you could try a light-hearted anecdote from your own life or quote a funny report in a magazine to draw her out. This is most likely to loosen the strings of reserve and make your date more comfortable talking about herself. However once she allows you a view into her inner life – her likes and dislikes or her hopes and life goals –  consider it a privilege and don’t treat them in an offhand manner. Charming a girl with a sense of humor is as much about knowing what to respect as about finding topics to joke about.

For a woman of strong intellect, one of the most attractive qualities in a man is a rapier-sharp wit. In fact, the sparring of wits has long been a favorite of authors while depicting intellectual compatibility between lovers as evident in classic plays William Congreve’s The Way of the World and movies like To Have and Have Not. In these the verbal jousting between lead pairs like Mirabell and Millamant in the play as well as Bogart and Bacall in the film highlight the sexual chemistry underlying the relationship. If you are able to use your wit in appropriate places during a conversation, you are sure to come across as a suave man of the world who is irresistible to the ladies. Here again, it is crucial to know when to stop. The desire to show off may urge you on to crack jokes when none are warranted and where they do nothing to add on to a conversation. Merely peppering a discussion with quips or blurting a tacky joke in the hope of attracting a girl’s attention will not only turn off any level-headed woman but make you come off as desperate and even stupid.

Yet another reason why women dig men with a sense of humor is because it shows that the guy does not take himself too seriously. In a society with patriarchal underpinnings, the male character has traditionally been associated with everything that is serious and supposedly important. Being able to laugh at oneself and making others laugh have been seen as signs of flippancy and inconsequentiality.  However with changing times, humor has been recognized as one of the most crucial life skills, one which better prepares a person to cope with the vagaries of life rather than a rigid and inflexible bent of mind. Having achieved economic independence, women no longer see a man as a means of financial and social support are thus keener to find warmth and an element of fun in a relationship.

However as every professional comic will tell you, timing is everything in humor. This means knowing the right moment and place to crack a joke. Needless to say, serious occasions like when a girl is upset over a family matter or somber places like hospital or funerals are not the appropriate places to give evidence of your scintillating sense of humor. Also know how far you can go and no further. Once a girl responds to your attempts at humor with a lukewarm smile or gives vague replies to your personal questions, no matter how cleverly couched, take it as a most definite sign that she wants a change of subject.

Most important of all, steer clear of politically incorrect jokes like those which make fun of particular ethnic, racial or religious groups. Even if your female companion does not fall into the group which is the butt of your humor, she may find such attempts offensive or at least in poor taste. Poking fun at an ex – whether hers or yours – is again not a good idea unless you have known your girlfriend a long time and know that she really shares your perspective.

Finally do some research and keep a ready repertoire of jokes, anecdotes, ad-libs and witty one-liners. Illustrating your conversation with these will make you appear well-informed and intelligent and those are qualities which rarely fail to charm a woman. Even professional comedians borrow material from the experts and there is no reason why you cannot do the same. Just be sure to tweak it a little and color it with your personality and style. After all, who’s going to find a joke funnywhen told the third time around?

Starting from the initial dates to being friends after a breakup, a great sense of humor can come in handy in practically every phase of a relationship.