If your Husband Doesn't Find you Attractive Anymore - How to Make Yourself More Desirable

One of the biggest sources of anxiety, that wives face after some time into a marriage, is the realization that their husbands no longer find them as attractive as before. This usually happens when the wife gets too caught up in her responsibilities and is unable to find time for herself, after juggling a home and a career. If you too feel that your husband no longer looks at you with desire and is quicker at noticing the pretty young thing at the next table, it may be time to take action. Here are a few ways to make yourself irresistible to your husband once again, and bring back the excitement into your marriage.

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Begin with the basics

Just because you have settled into a domestic routine, does not mean that you stay in your pajamas all day long. Take care to look fresh and clean and dress yourself in smart tees and nicely shaped pants. This is not to imply that you have to look like a social butterfly even when you have a pile of chores waiting for you, but just that you should avoid looking like something the cat has dragged in. If you are a stay-at-home mom, be sure to greet your husband home, with a freshly-showered look at the end of the day. And even if you are deathly tired, after a gruelling day at work, don’t change into your favourite sweatshirt and baggy pants right after the shower. Rather, put on some feminine or trendy homewear, so that your husband is pleasantly surprised, after he gets home.

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Take a look

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and see what changes you need to make. You need not be hard on yourself, but just be realistic in your assessment. How about getting a facial and having your eyebrows shaped? Or why not take an afternoon out and indulge in a French manicure, or an herbal pedicure? When we are young, our skin has a natural bloom and makes us look good, whether or not we work hard at it. But over the years, it is inevitable for human facial skin to lose its elasticity and moisture. So don’t think of a regular skincare regimen as pandering to superficial notions of beauty. Rather, consider it as a part of a natural maintenance kit. And what’s more, your husband is sure to notice that glow on your face with pleasure.

Keep yourself fit

It is not enough to get an occasional facial done, if you truly want to make yourself attractive. The hardest part of regaining your earlier appearance, may be to lose those extra pounds that you have added on your waist or thighs. Again, a realistic assessment is required here. If you have become significantly overweight since your marriage, maybe you need to work out a few pounds, to get back in shape. However, if you have not put on much weight, but still feel slow and lethargic, work out to get a toned and fit look. Fitness experts will tell you that exercise not only helps to shed off flab but also revs up the body’s circulation system, giving one that toned and healthy colour.

Get a makeover

Make an appointment with your hairstylist, if you have not had one in many months. Ask if something new and exciting can be done with your hair. Even if you are not comfortable with a drastic makeover, maybe your stylist can suggest adding highlights or giving your hair a new tint for a refreshing look. Also consider getting a new style in clothes and accessories. This does not necessarily mean that you should throw away all your old stuff and then spend a fortune in overhauling your wardrobe. Just pick up a few pieces that can add pizzazz to your personality and help you to feel special.

Examine your relationship

Very often, the reason why your husband seems to be losing interest in you, may not lie in your physical appearance. Rather, it may have more to do with what is going on in your marriage. The way he feels about you may only be a symptom of the way he feels about your marriage. See that you keep communicating with each other, so that you are in tune with your spouse’s needs and desires. Choose an appropriate time and share your husband’s thoughts and feelings on work, friends and your relationship.

Enhance yourself

The secret to a woman’s attraction, lies not only in her physical appearance, but also in her overall personality. Join a course to upgrade your qualifications or acquire new knowledge. It may be something as challenging as learning a new language, or as interesting as picking up a new hobby. When you find yourself good at something, it will give you confidence and build up your self-esteem. And when you begin to value yourself, you husband will do the same.

Make your husband feel special

Once in a while, do something to make your husband feel that he is the only one for you. Prepare a delicious dinner for him, if he is a foodie. On the other hand, if he is fond of the good life, make an effort to dress up for an evening out, catch his favourite show and then round it up with dinner in a fancy restaurant. If you want to get intimate with your husband, make the first move, instead of waiting for him to initiate sex like always. He will be pleasantly surprised at the expression of your desire, and eager to return your love. A woman who is confident of her own passions, is always attractive to a man.

The secret to enduring attraction does not lie only in your physical appearance. There are many wives who are a far cry from Hollywood beauties, but have caring and attentive husbands. It is all about finding the right balance, between individual desires and the expectations from a relationship. In other words, if you want yourself to be as attractive to your husband as before, it is not only essential that you look and feel good about yourself, but that your husband feels good about your marriage as well.