Mexico honeymoon - planning a Mexican romantic getaway


Mexico – location and terrain

Mexico is located in the southwestern part of mainland North America, bordered by the United States to the north, with Belize and Guatemala to the southeast. It is roughly triangular in shape and can also be considered to be bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, making its coastal locations ideal for honeymooners looking for a romantic destination offering a mix of a typical holiday spot with a unique culture and history.

The center of Mexico is virtually a plateau, open to the north, and has mountains on the east and west with ocean-front lowlands, making it a perfect combination of plains, mountains and seas. The terrain offers a beautiful variation of contrasts, with rocky deserts in the north and tropical rain forests in the south. Mexico can be reached by large carriers from Canada and the UK or small carriers from the United States.


Climatewise, Mexico tends to be the most pleasant from October to May, though December to February can be particularly cold in inland Mexico. The rest of the months can be hot, especially in southern Mexico. In general it is hot and humid along the coastal plains and dry at destinations further inland like Guadalajara.

Best times to visit

As honeymooners, if you would like a quieter holiday to get away from the madding crowd, July to September is peak season at Mexico’s southern coast. Easter, Christmas and New Year are also very busy. The period after Easter till mid-December is considered off-peak, when prices drop considerably (upto 50% sometimes!) but May to October is also a time when tropical storms and hurricanes occur, but if you don’t mind the rain, the temperature is significantly lower, making a stay there, and especially if you’re into sightseeing, a lot more pleasant.

Language, culture and currency

Spanish is spoken by the majority of the population in Mexico. English is popularly used in business transactions. And then, there are multiple Amerindian languages spoken by many indigenous communities. The people of Mexico love their dancing and singing, along with their music like the salsa or the traditional Mexican mariachi. The official currency is the Mexican peso, although many resorts also accept the U.S. dollar.

Depending on the kind of honeymoon you are looking at, whether just romantic and relaxed, full of adventure or packed with sightseeing and history, there are a variety of options to suit all requirements in Mexico, from Cancun and Cozumel to Ixtapa, Acapulco and Guadaljara, there’s something for everyone!