10 Games for Newlyweds


While a majority of couples have sexual relations before marriage, almost everyone agrees that married sex is something special. Indeed psychologists point out that the wedding itself leads to a surge of dopamine – a feel-good chemical - in the brain which continues to stay at elevated levels for some time after wedding. So here are some games that newlyweds can indulge in to take advantage of that frisky feeling or to spice up things if the post-wedding excitement has begun to calm down.


Lovers’ fantasies

This is a great way to kickstart an evening of intimacy for newlyweds, particularly those with a healthy imagination. The game requires a deck of cards, each of which contains a role-playing scenario. The pack also comes with accessories like blindfold, feather, paddle, and small tube of massage lotion so that partners not only get strong hints about what they can do but can also make up their own rules as they go along.

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Lifestories game

Newlyweds who are still a little shy with each other will find this game perfect for an intimate evening. In fact, the Lifestories game is a good way of discovering unknown facts about your partner. While your partner may be diffident of disclosing personal details in a conversation, this game offers a fun way of gleaning hitherto unknown aspects of your partner’s history. The game includes a set of questions which each participant is required to answer. You can make your own questions or buy the game from a store in which case it will have cards with questions on them.

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This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to having plain unadulterated fun. The box of this classic game includes a spinner and a plastic mat marked with colored circles. After the dial is spun, players are required to move a hand or foot to the marked circles. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly necessary to contort one’s body into ludicrous poses and herein lies the fun. Very often even before the end of the game, players succumb to laughter and the limitations of the human body. For the adult version, have the winner request a sensual favor from his/her opponent.

Strip chocolate

This is the ideal game for newlyweds who have a sweet tooth. The game comes with three ounces of chocolate dessert topping, a game board, two brushes and two game pieces. The players are required take turns to roll the dice and then have to strip, select a dare or paint a part of the opponent’s body with chocolate. Try it out and you two might end up licking the chocolate off each other!

Sensual tasks game

For those newlyweds with a greater sense of adventure, a game which incorporates sensual tasks is perfect to set the fire raging. For this, you and your spouse are required to pick “to do” cards which challenge the players with sensual tasks like giving a fifteen-minute massage or whispering naughty messages in the other person’s ears. You can pick up the commercial version of this game, like ‘lust!’, from a store or set tasks by yourself and print them on self-made cards. Best of all, everybody wins since the game ends with an intimate experience.

The newlyweds game

If you don’t mind sharing your evening with another newlywed couple, this game could provide loads of entertainment for you, even if it does not leave much space for physical intimacy. This game is based on the long-running television game show of the 1970s and ‘80s where couples were required to answer questions revealing how well they did – or did not – know their spouses. More or less in the same format, this newlywed game deluxe edition features a question booklet with over 600 questions for classic play as well as a DVD for an interactive experience with bob Eubanks and couples from the TV game show.

Write it down

Yet another card game which can set your senses tingling is Fan the Flames. This game requires newlyweds to write out their sexual fantasies on blank “wish” cards. Other than these, the game also comes with “guess” cards to test how much the partners know of each other’s fantasies as well as “flame” cards that suggest sensual rewards for correct answers. If you cannot get this game from a store, make it up at home since all you need are cards in three different colors and a vivid imagination.

Romantic jigsaws

For a quieter evening, you can put together jigsaw puzzles with your spouse. You can even personalize a jigsaw puzzle with a romantic picture of you and your spouse. At jig zone shop you can upload your favorite photo and select the size of your puzzle and number of pieces you want. Putting together a customized puzzle will be fun and something that will later evoke fond memories. Indeed, after the puzzle is pieced together, you can have it framed and hang it in your house. When you have guests over at your home, they will see an example of something you and your spouse accomplished together.

Scavenger hunt

This classic at kid’s parties can be given an adult twist to make it truly enjoyable for newlyweds. Leave clues for your spouse all over the house and let one clue lead to the next. For instance, to indicate that the next clue can be found behind the bathroom mirror, let the previous one read, “I can see myself in your eyes” or any other hints about reflection and mirrors. Make the hints as romantic as possible and let the last clue lead to the bedroom. As the final reward, act out a favorite fantasy of your partner or wrap yourself in a giant bow and wait for him/her to claim you.

Indulge your senses

As essential part of physical intimacy is the pampering of all the five senses. And a game based on this can never go wrong between newlyweds. Take a numbered dice and for each number prepare two sets of sensuous requests – like taste your lover’s toes or feel the silken touch of your lover’s hair. Print or write down the requests on two sets of cards and let each partner have a set. Then with each roll of the dice, see the number that has appeared and fulfill the corresponding request.