Unusual Date Ideas


There’s no doubt that you and your partner like spending time with each other. But sometimes, the dinner and a movie routine can get a tad too repetitive and you may want to do something different once in a while. So here are some unusual date ideas to put back the spark into your relationship and make your date an evening to remember.


Nighttime adventure

If you are lucky to live in a city or town near a beach, a nighttime date there can be a great idea. Just this time give the conventional bonfire a miss and instead arrive at the beach with two glow-in-the-dark sticks or a Frisbee which lights up when you throw it which are usually available at any party store. You can have huge fun throwing the glow sticks at each other or having a game of Frisbee which lights up in multiple bright colors in the dark. When you are done playing with each other, you can even throw the glow sticks out onto the sea – the waves will bring them back and it will be a cool sight to watch these sticks light up in the dark. Don’t forget to pack along a hamper of soda and sandwiches so that you can munch on something after all the fun and games. Finally collect the glow sticks so that you can dispose them off properly and then head home after an incredible evening by the beach.

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Drive in movie with a twist

If you and your partner love movies but you don’t wish to spend a bomb on theater tickets, here is a creative take on the drive-in movie date idea. Simply arrange one in your own garage. After you move your TV and pedestal to the garage, set it up with a DVD player and hook up the speakers. However make sure that the TV screen is clearly visible from both car seats and the speakers are aligned in such a way that the sound will come right into the car windows while playing. Insert your partner’s favorite movie in the DVD player and test it a couple of times so that there are no glitches later. Now ask your partner to a drive-in movie date and then surprise her by driving into your own garage. If you want to go the whole hog, arrange for some popcorn and soda so that you and your date can have a complete drive-in movie experience while knowing that it was all set up just for the two of you.

Share your interest

If you have a hobby or an interest you are passionate about, planning a date around it will be fun and creative at the same time. For example many big cities have car clubs which comprise of owners or sometimes even enthusiasts of a certain kind of vehicle like a Beetle, Mini Cooper or PT Cruiser. Many of these car clubs for instance arrange for fun caravans where the owners get together on a Sunday morning and drive around a historical town or places of interest. Bringing your date along to such a 'bugavan' would make for a hugely interesting date. If you don’t belong to such a club or if your town doesn’t have one, try to think of some other hobby around which you can plan a date. If you are a member of a pottery club for example, invite your partner to a workshop cum exhibition event hosted by your club. She will not only get to see a colorful array of pottery pieces and the wonderful way that a rotating wheel gives shape to a pottery piece but will also be impressed by your artistic side. For an even more fun experience, sign up for a couple’s cooking class since you will not only get to play with tastes and textures but will be getting a free dinner as well.

A night of ‘favorites’

One of the easiest ways to make your partner feel special is to let him or her know that you are aware of what they like best. And when you begin to feel happy in a relationship, you naturally start keeping track of what their favorites are – in terms of food, color, movies, hobbies and so on. So why not plan an entire date around your partner’s favorite things. Turn up for the evening in his/her favorite color and maybe even with a dash of the perfume your partner likes best on you. Get going to an activity your partner enjoys doing, like dancing or bowling. From there, you can take them to their favorite restaurant and even order their favorite food. Finally wind up the evening by snuggling with your loved one for a movie session at your home with their favorite DVD playing and sampling their favorite candy or drink. Treating your partner like a king or queen will surely make this a ‘favorite’ night for them to remember and cherish.

Attend a performance

If you both are fond of the performing arts but have already made the round of your city theaters, decide to land up at your local comedy club on their amateur night. Not only will the entry be far less expensive than for professional performances but you and your partner might even discover a new comic genius in a familiar face from the neighborhood. And even if the performances are nothing to root for, you both can still bond over panning the amateurs and laughing at their goof-ups.

Pretend to be another couple

For a truly wacky date idea, there’s little that can beat a game of make-believe. On fine evening, both of you can dress up to the nines and pretend to be a rich couple. Then go and visit as many car showrooms as you can manage in an evening and be sure to test drive every expensive model. Or if you like your adventures in the outdoors, take your partner and set off on a drive along a completely new route. Stop at an unknown village or small town and have dinner there, all the while of course with fake names or even accents, if you can manage. It will be not only great fun being completely unpredictable but being partners in a secret can make it all seem truly exhilarating.