Cute things to do for your girlfriend


Actions speak louder than words... So it’s not only about the sweet things that you say to your girlfriend, its all about the things that you can do for her. Here’s a list of the cutest ways to make your girlfriend happy:


Call her as soon as you wake up just to say a good morning!

Have a busy day ahead? Meet up with your girlfriend for breakfast.

Call her at least once in the day to find if she was doing fine.

If she’s angry with you, get her flowers and chocolates.

Girls expect their boyfriends to listen to their problems: so just listen and do not offer solutions.

Give her time to be with herself; there are times when girls like to be alone.

Give her time to be with her girlfriends; you could catch up with your guy friends at the same time.

Take your girlfriend shopping.
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Plan a surprise dinner for just the two of you at her favorite restaurant.

Paint her nails...she’ll love it.

If you are having a bad time and are upset about something, talk to your girlfriend about it; don’t expect her to understand your silence.

Try to sort out misunderstandings before they grow into something big.

Don’t force your girlfriend to do something she is not ready for.

Tell her that it is alright if she is not ready for something; more importantly, mean it.

Care for her, love her like no one else does.

You should have a unique way of telling her that you love her.

Girls are delicate, handle them with care.

Compliment her and you’ll see her look more beautiful.

Loving her is not only about mushy-mushy things; you could even play a game of scrabble together.

Go cycling or maybe, swimming together.

Get tickets for the latest movie; preferably the top row, and don’t forget the popcorn.

What about taking her for a picnic?

Cook a meal for her; preferably edible!

Candle-light dinners are the best way to cheer her up.

Catch up on a cup of coffee with your girl, if you have been busy for some time.

Share all your secrets with her.

Talk to her about your day - girls feel involved this way.

Girls love giving suggestions, at least pretend that it helped.

Honesty is the best policy - be honest to her and more importantly, to your relationship.

Give her the support and comfort she needs.

She loves you, you are her best friend - stand by her as her pillar of strength.

If you are good with the brush, you could paint a picture of your girlfriend.

Small words of appreciation will help for what she does for you.

Love her for what she is and not what you want her to be.

Sing her favorite song to her on the phone.

Enroll for salsa classes together.

Out of town for work, drive down and surprise her.

She has an important day ahead, make sure you see her before that and tell her that everything will be fine, she is perfect.

Going on a holiday with family? Make sure you get her something memorable. It doesn't have to be expensive.

After a hectic week, you could plan a weekend together to catch up with each other.

Lie down with your head on her lap - you’ll feel great and she’ll feel better.

Call her every ten minutes for not-so-important reasons, but make sure you do not overdo it.

Get a massage appointment just for the two of you.

Book the whole restaurant for just the two of you.

Take her for a long drive and maybe you could sit and admire the stars together.

A walk along the beach under the starry night sky is undoubtedly romantic.

Wear her favorite perfume all the time.

Admire her body as you give her a massage.

Some moments are best enjoyed in their own privacy; be sure of your timing.

Stay indoors on a wet Sunday evening and cuddle up together and watch a movie.

Meet up with her friends (obviously with her).

Be the ten-on-ten guy for her parents.

Don’t just love your girlfriend, respect her - it matters a lot.

Be proud of your relationship; flaunt it as the most expensive thing you possess.

Spend a night together in a tent at the beach.

Cuddle up on a couch and enjoy the feeling of just being together.

Everyone makes mistakes - forgive her if she makes one.

Celebrate your promotion with her - after all there’s a woman behind every successful man and she deserves to be a part of it.

SMS her from work just to tell her how much you are missing her.

Love knows no rules. If you know any break them for her.

Don’t do anything to break her trust - it hurts.

Stay up all night planning your next date.

If you are making love to her for the first time, make sure it is love and not lust.

When she’s having a bad time, give her a warm hug - she needs it the most.

A sweet good night kiss on the forehead and a warm hug is the perfect recipe for a good night's sleep.

Take your girlfriend lingerie shopping.

Write a song about her.

Help her clean up the apartment after a party.

Praying together in a religious place or even at home.

If she’s not well, take a day off just to be at her side.

Send out seasons’ greetings together.

Frame a sketch of the two of you together.

Carry her shopping bags for her.

Compliment her in different languages.

Send her no reason flowers.