Planning a Surprise Birthday Party for your Wife


Everyone loves a surprise birthday party. But the very thought of arranging one can give jitters to even the most level-headed bloke around. However with a little bit of planning and some help from a few very discreet friends, you can surely surprise your wife with a wonderful party on her birthday.


Begin with the guest list

It is your wife’s birthday so see to it that her closest pals and family members are on the guest list. Mutual friends will also be great fun but resist the urge of asking over your drinking mates and bridge partners for the party. It is always a good idea to keep the guest list relevant to the occasion.

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Send out the invitations

This is one of the most delicate part of throwing a surprise party since it involves keeping the intended celebrations a secret. In these times of mass email, do something traditional and pick up real invitation cards from a shop. While sending them out, mention particularly that it is a surprise party and on no account should the ‘birthday girl’ come to know about it. When your wife is out, snoop into her address book for phone numbers and mailing addresses.  Old Christmas card lists also make valuable sources of contact information. Use a friend’s address as return address on the invitation card envelopes, so that they are not returned to your home in case the contact information is wrong.

How to receive the RSVPs

Make sure you get the RSVPs on your cell phone and preferably when you are away at work. Even if you are getting them by email, be careful to keep them away from your wife. If you both have a common email account, maybe you could create a new one for this purpose. Again be prepared with some believable reasons in case your wife enquires about the unusually high number of phone calls you have been receiving from her friends and family.

Decide on the party venue

You could have the surprise party for your wife at a restaurant or picnic spot which your wife has visited earlier and where she has had a good time. Your own club or a favorite restaurant are other options but then the staff might be known to your wife and then you will have to ask them to keep the party a secret from her. Again it is not that difficult to plan a surprise party at home – only you will have to keep your wife away for the greater part of the day. Whatever venue you decide, enlist the help of friends to take your wife there at the appointed time and not before that!

Cover your tracks

If you share a joint debit or credit card account with your wife, she may be able to track your transactions as you pay for the party decorations and catering. Use a friend’s credit card if need be or make payments from another account if you possess one. Also don’t store the decorations, return gifts, wrapping paper and other party paraphernalia in the top shelf of your closet. Remember, a woman knows every inch of her territory. You could hide these in the garage if she seldom goes there or again enlist a friend’s help in hiding them till required.

Lie if necessary

Planning a surprise party for your wife is one of those rare occasions when it is morally acceptable to lie to your wife and so make most of the opportunity. If you feel she is getting suspicious, use a bit of misdirection. If the party is actually planned for Saturday, drop hints that you may have thought of something to do on Sunday. Better still, hint that a good way to spend her birthday will be to catch a movie or go to the theater. Be sure to suggest something about her special day since if you seem to ignore it completely, she might get suspicious.

Plan the eats

Things will begin to get complicated as the of the surprise party comes closer. Since you are celebrating your wife’s birthday, make sure the eats are her favorite and take special care with the birthday cake. However keep the eats simple so that they can be laid out as quickly as possible and with the minimum of mess. Even If you are planning to throw the surprise party at home you may choose to have the eats delivered by professional caterers. If on the other hand, you plan to take the help of a few trusted friends and family members in rustling up the dishes, make sure that you start well in advance. Above all remember to keep your wife away from the venue on some pretext or the other.

As the guests arrive

Be there to welcome the guests as they begin to arrive at the party. By this time you should have finished with the decorations and the laying out of food. Don’t start handing out the drinks and appetizers just yet and keep the volume of the party music at low. All this is to prevent the least hint of a party from escaping the room. Also have your guests park their cars some distance away or the fizz will go out of your surprise party if your wife comes back and sees all her friends’ cars parked just outside your house. As the appointed time of your wife’s arrival comes close, hide the guests behind furniture and switch off the lights.

As your wife arrives

Arrange to have your wife escorted to the venue by a trusted friend or family member and ensure that the person is good at acting. As she comes through the door, switch on the lights and emerge from your hiding places with a big yell of “Surprise”.
Now you know that planning a surprise party is not that difficult. After all it is only once a year and that too for a person who is closest to your heart. Finally, when you see the look of happy amazement and pure joy on your wife’s face, you know that it has been worth every bit of all the planning and effort.