Writing a Love Letter to your Boyfriend - Tips and Advice


Even in this era of the internet and mobile phones, there is nothing like a love letter to express your truest feelings for the special man in your life. Text messages and emails may come and go, but a handwritten love letter will always remain special. A love letter is evidence that you have put in time and effort to compose a beautiful message that your boyfriend deserves.


But what is it about a love letter that makes so many people nervous to begin one? Perhaps it is because most of us are uncomfortable about laying our deepest feelings out in the open. We fear that if we show too much of ourselves, others may take advantage of our emotions. While this may be so, the very fact of being in love means there is a desire to connect with another person, to exchange one’s thoughts and feelings with his. So take out a pen and a sheet of paper and use the following pointers to compose a love letter which your boyfriend will treasure forever.

TIP: Find out your boyfriend's inner feelings by asking him the right questions.

Set the mood

It is difficult to write a love letter while you are stuck in traffic and glancing at the signal every two minutes. The right mood is important when you want to compose a meaningful love letter. Select a place where you are comfortable and a time when you are not likely to be interrupted. Put away distractions like the mobile phone or other digital reminders. If you like it, you could sit with a cup of steaming tea and put on some soft music. The main thing is to be relaxed and focus on your inner feelings of love.

Begin with a draft

Don’t assume that you will get the letter right at the very first instance. Since a love letter involves expressing your emotions, you are likely to go back and forth while writing which means a good deal of crossing out, parentheses, afterthoughts and so on. Thus, it is always a good idea to begin with a draft and you can make a fair copy in the end.

Go back to the time when you met your boyfriend

So you have set the mood and are ready to begin. But how to start? Think about the time when you first met your boyfriend, your first date and your first kiss. These memories are sure to give rise to emotions of love in your heart, which will guide you in making a start on your letter.

Give expression to your feelings

A love letter is the most romantic way to express your feelings of love for the man in your life. Don’t worry that the words may sound cheesy or clichéd. Put down your truest emotions on paper and be guided by what your heart says. If you are passionately in love with your boyfriend, then express your desire in sensual terms. On the other hand if these are early days in your romance, then express you love in tender words. Whatever be the kind of love you share, make sure the expression comes from deep in your heart.

Stay away from negative comments

Even though writing a love letter involves expressing your truest feelings about the one you love, no relationship is completely devoid of ifs and buts. However stay away from putting in any negative asides. For instance, “I could follow you to the end of the world, but why do you keep ignoring me in front of your friends?”. There are other platforms of resolving such issues and a love letter is not one of them. You need not write all that you really feel about your boyfriend, only make sure that what you write is true.

Use romantic quotations

One of the most beautiful ways to increase the love quotient in your letter is to add romantic quotations at appropriate places. There are lots of sites on the Internet which have a compilation of love quotations and you can use a few that best express what you have to say to your boyfriend.

Make it personal

Direct your letter specifically to your boyfriend. Even though copying down a generic love letter may seem easy, it will not carry the same significance as a letter that you have written particularly for the man you love. Close your eyes and think of the way he looks at you, touches you and the way you are excited by his smell when he comes close to you. Remembering your sensory reactions and recreating the intimacy that you both share will spice up your love letter and make it unique to your relationship.

Keep the language simple

While it is greatly tempting to use a lot of hyperboles when expressing your emotions, it is best to keep the language simple. This not only has the advantage of making your feelings appear genuine but is ultimately easy to sustain.

Use your best stationery

Make a fair copy of your love letter on your best stationery. Use scented paper if you have some and stick to pastel shades. While pink and mauve are the traditional colors of a love letter, go creative and think of apple green, coral red or light blue. If you are feeling particularly expressive, you could even use glitter to highlight a point, but take care not to go overboard.

Sign it off with a kiss

End your letter with a personal touch. A good idea is to sign off with a lipstick kiss which will make your letter both personal and sexy.

Thus, it is not really that hard to compose a love letter. It only takes a bit of your time and some of your undivided attention. The experience of holding a perfumed letter in your hand, that your lover has touched and kissed and whose words conjure up scenes of intimacy, is a delight to the senses that no form of digital communication can match. So shut out the world for a brief while and compose for your man a love message  that he will never forget.