10 Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Partner


Everyone loves surprises. And when they are from a partner, it can make the sun shine and the birds sing for the most serious-minded people among us. So here are ten romantic ideas to surprise your partner with and spice up your relationship.


Write a romantic letter.

In these times of facebook and twitter, do something completely against the grain like writing out a love letter for your partner in your own hand. Use a perfumed paper if you have one and sign off with a lipstick kiss. For all you guys rolling your eyes at the lipstick impression, dress up your epistle instead with a satin ribbon like the lovers of yore and you’ll know why Don Juan was such a hit with women. Finally leave it somewhere least expected like in the car dashboard or pinned on his/her pillow.

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Plan a workday lunch.

Choose a day when you know your partner does not have something important lined up at work. Then surprise him or her by appearing at the workplace and offering to treat them to lunch. Your partner will not only be pleased at all the envious glances from co-workers but glad to have such a romantic diversion on a mundane workday.

Dedicate a song to your partner.

Dedicate a song to your partner on his/her favorite radio station. This works great for music-lovers and especially if you know  few of your partner’s favorite numbers. However the catch is to make sure that the radio is on so that your partner does not miss the dedication. It is easy to do this if you both are at home but if your loved one is at work, you could rope in a colleague to ensure that the radio is playing the right station.

Climb into the bath with your partner.

Climb into the bath with your partner and he/she is sure to be thrilled at the romantic intrusion. Bring along a divine-smelling body wash as well as a loofah and offer to give your partner a nice scrub. The best part about this surprise is that you can either let it end with a relaxing soak and a refreshing shower or take it further to an intimate encounter. Either way, it is sure to make your partner’s day.

Make gift coupons.

Put a little bit of thought into this one and come up with intimate ideas that you know your partner will like. A sensual massage for your woman for instance complete with aromatic oils, flickering candles and soft music. Or perhaps a role playing session for a husband who has a thing for French maids. Make a great show of presenting the coupons to your partner and warn them that if not redeemed soon enough, the offer may expire.

Buy something special for your partner.

An expensive gift like a piece of jewelry or a custom-made men’s accessory, can pleasantly surprise your partner, especially at a time when no birthdays or anniversaries are round the corner. However not all of them need make a dent in your pocket. You could look for something with a special significance like the perfume or cologne that your partner wore the first time you went on a date. A gift like this would not necessarily empty your bank account but work equally well to surprise your partner with romantic memories of the past.

Plan a weekend vacation.

If you are familiar with your partner’s itinerary, secretly arrange for a weekend getaway and then surprise him/her with the tickets. This might be more difficult to plan if you have kids but consider the time and effort as a kind of investment into the most precious thing you have together – your marriage. Use the time away to reconnect with each other and avoid having discussions on kids, finances or other issues which are likely to act as stress triggers.

Buy yourself something sexy to wear.

Buy yourself something sexyto wear and model it for your partner. While women may not need any more prodding to splurge on lacy lingerie, it may not be something that men do very often for their partners. So think black silk pajamas or other exotic fabrics like satin.  Some women have been known to find even boxer briefs a huge turn on in their men. So guys go ahead, dress yourself  and then lap up the look of sheer wonder in your woman’s eyes and the promise of so many better things to follow. Just one word of caution though, try and avoid digging into your wife or girlfriend’s closet for lacy or frilly ideas – you want your partner to be romantically surprised not struck down with horror.

Indulge your partner’s taste buds.

Food is a significant source of sensual pleasure. Consider what your partner loves best, a simple home-cooked meal with a romantic ambience or exploring new tastes in exotic cuisine. Plan a dinner date around wherever your partner’s culinary fancies lie. It could be something as simple as a home-made pizza with the pepperoni laid out to read a romantic phrase like “you are the one for me”. Or it could be a special dinner at a fancy restaurant with live bands and French menus. The whole idea is to surprise your partner with an invitation to a memorable evening with you. However be careful to choose a day when you know your loved one does not have an important conference or a client-meeting lined up after work.


Be inspired by the famous lines penned by the English poet John Donne from his poem titled ‘Canonization’, “For God’s sake hold your tongue and let me love”. Plant a kiss full on your partners’ lips when he or she is in mid-sentence and especially if the conversation is leading up to an argument. Your partner will be too surprised by the kiss to remember what he or she was saying. And a good thing too, since then you both can go back to doing what you like best – loving one another.