Home Date Ideas


Stay-at-home dates are a great idea if you want to avoid cold, rainy evenings and overcrowded venues. Also there is nothing like a cozy, comfortable nook for getting to know this wonderful new person or rediscovering the love of your life. So here are some fun and romantic home date ideas you can explore and it may be a long time before you want to venture out again.


Movie marathon

If you and your partner are both movie buffs and yet you can’t be bothered to stand in a queue for atrociously priced movie tickets, how about how about arranging for your own private screening? Invite your partner over for a movie at your place and make a date out of it. Arrange the furniture in the way of a movie hall and keep snacks and soda handy so that you both can munch away while watching the movie. To make the date even more interesting, set a theme, like the worst comedy of all time or the scariest horror movies and challenge each other to bring a DVD according to the theme. Finally snuggle up before the screen and if you find yourselves having a great time, you may even prolong the date to another movie or follow it up with some romantic action of your own.

Game, set and match

A game night at home can make for wonderful date idea, especially if you are stuck indoors due to bad weather. After you make your partner comfortable, you can begin with some popular board games like Scrabble and Monopoly and then maybe go on to more active ones like dumb charades or Twister. Then again if you both prefer, video and computer games can also be the perfect way to rediscover those childhood thrills. Card games are usually more fun with friends and double dates but if you know your partner quite well, you can have a naughty time with a game of strip poker. No matter what kind you prefer, games are usually great fun if you and your partner don’t mind some friendly competition. Don’t forget to arrange for some drinks and crispies so that you both can snack on while pondering on the next move.

Scavenger hunt with a twist

A far more elaborate take on a game night would be to plan your home date around a treasure or scavenger hunt. While this would require some advance preparation on your part, it would guarantee an evening of fun and loads of romantic action. Before your partner arrives, scatter clues all over your house in a way that one leads to another. For example a strip of paper with the words, “I can see myself in your eyes” might lead your partner to the mirror on which again you might have scribbled a different hint. Let the final clue lead your partner to a cozy nook and as a prize you could present him or her with their favorite dessert, or if you have known your partner for a long while, with some delicious intimacy.

Do things together

Relationship experts point out that shared hobbies are one of the best ways to ensure that your romance survives in the long run. So for an interesting date night at home, why not plan to do something you both enjoy together. If you and your partner are fond of the written word, have each other read out passages from your favorite books or recite for each other lines from timeless love poems. Then again for classical music lovers, a session of Bach or Beethoven on the CD player while you both share nuggets of information on the great composers can provide for an amazing bonding between you both. If it is fast music you enjoy, put on some peppy dance numbers and get jiving with your partner. Not only will theses be intensely romantic experiences in themselves, you will be glad to have done something you both thoroughly enjoy.

Home improvement ideas

For couples who like a bit more action in their lives, home improvement projects can make for a great home date idea too. Have a list of projects ready that you both can work on at your home, like for instance putting a new coat of paint in the study or making a set of new cabinets for the kitchen. Don’t include ideas that require a great deal of physical strength or might get too messy like plumbing jobs. Keep them for the professionals or when you can do them later since such jobs might prove to be more of hard work than fun. The great thing about home improvement projects as a date idea is that the very notion of building something together can be hugely inspiring. Besides it is especially good for homebodies who like to potter about at home even when the weather is nice outside.

Take in the view

Lovers of the outdoors need to despair when it comes to home date ideas. If you have a garden, a patch of lawn or even a backyard, you and your partner can have a romantic night in the open, gazing at the stars or roasting marshmallows on a small bonfire. And should you happen to live in an apartment, make the most of your balcony or terrace. Put up a small tent there and switch off all your the lights. And then settle down with a glass of wine and gaze down at thousands of lights twinkling in the city below.

Cook up a storm

What better way to pamper your partner than a home-cooked dinner? So the next time you are stuck for stay-at-home date idea, invite your beloved over for dinner at your place. While the menu and cooking may require some advance preparation, don’t go overboard by making a five course meal which will leave you too tired and stressed out to enjoy. Rather make the main course the highlight of the menu and then pair it up with a great-looking salad and some fresh bread. Of course don’t forget to choose some nice wine and make sure that you round off the dinner with your partner’s favorite dessert.