10 Ways to Save Money on Dates


No one said love came cheap. Whether you are single and going out with new people all the time or married and keen to spark alive, a date night even one a week can really start to pinch you. In fact according to leading online matchmaking site, Match.com a regular dinner date for two can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 while a date comprising of a dinner, theater tickets and flowers can set you back by $314 on an average. So go through the following ten tips and get ready to save money the next time you take out your partner on a date.


Patronize the amateurs

If you and your partner are fond of the performing arts, try to catch an amateur show instead of a professional one. Comedy clubs and theatrical groups which are composed of enthusiasts often put up shows where entry is free or far less expensive as compared to tickets for shows by professional artists. Apart from saving a packet on tickets, you will also the get the chance to patronize the artistic efforts of people from your community or neighborhood.

Go for last minute tickets

If you must attend a professional show, then try to wait till the last minute. For some theater or music shows, tickets are priced lower on the day of the event in order to sell more. So if you don’t mind the uncertainty of waiting till the last minute or the discomfort of standing in a queue, then these tickets could be a great way to save money on a date for which you would like to take your partner out to a famous performance.


Season tickets

If both you and your partner are sports lovers, then season tickets for a sports team are yet another useful money saving idea. You can take your partner to several games of the season by buying the tickets beforehand in a bunch in which case they come heavily discounted. The only catch here is if the team you are rooting for fails to qualify in the final matches. But even then you can take comfort in each other’s company and the fact that after all you got to see the best team in action.

Home cooked dinner

A full course dinner at any reasonably good place might easily set you back by a hundred dollars. Instead you can come up with the same ambience and good food at your place at a fraction of the cost. The only things you require for arranging a dinner date at home are patience and a bit of planning ahead. Choose a simple menu but make the main course the highlight of the dinner. A roast chicken, a steak done just right or even a vegetable casserole if your partner is a vegetarian should do the trick. The rest is simply a matter of pairing up with some nice wine, a colorful salad and fresh bread. Set the mood with muted lighting, soft music and aromatic candles and voila! you are ready to impress your partner. Later you both can go out for a fancy dessert or after-dinner drink to make it feel like a ‘real’ date.

Parks and gardens

Happily being the midst of nature doesn’t cost much. So look for botanical gardens, horticultural clubs or parks in your town where you can walk hand in hand with your date through arbors, trails and winding pathways. Unlike theme-based or amusement parks, most public gardens have free entry or charge only minimal rates. These places have their own snacking zone so should you or your partner get tired you would not be far from a cozy café where you can recharge yourselves with a coffee or light refreshment. Finally look for out special events and shows regularly hosted by these gardens like those featuring musical fountains or flower competitions which would make for attractive and affordable dating venues.

Historical sites

Old towns and cities are a pleasure to explore especially if you or your partner are lovers of history. Most of these places have a rich architectural heritage of cathedrals, palaces, old forts and town halls which have either free entry or very reasonable tickets. If you are lucky to have good weather, then hire a couple of bikes, get a map and set out to find the historical delights of the town. Alternatively, you can also hop on the town or tourist bus to take a historical tour of the city.

Museums and galleries

For the culturally oriented, few things give as much pleasure as pottering about a museum which showcases the historical or artistic treasures of a city. So set aside a day over the weekend to visit a museum or an art gallery which most often have inexpensive tickets. As you browse through the galleries, you and your partner can discuss the lovely exhibits on display or the exquisite craftsmanship of past artisans. In fact some of these venues also host question and answer sessions, workshops or audio-visual shows which make for an even more interactive experience.

Pick some fruit

Find out about orchards and fruit gardens around your town where you can go and pick fruit with your partner. It could be a strawberry patch, an apple orchard or grape vineyard. These are generally free to visit with the only cost being that of the fruit you bring back. Once you are done in the orchard, you can then seductively feed each other the fruit you picked.

Make use of coupons

Many towns have local dining and activity guides which include a host of coupons for favorite restaurants, shops and date-worthy activities. For the price of a book, you can take advantage of such coupons which offer buy-one-get-one-free deals on dinners and other interesting things to do. So this way you and your date can have a night on the town while incurring only half the cost.

The more, the merrier

If you and your date have good mutual friends, why not go on a double date? Many dining and activity venues like bowling alleys offer substantial discounts on bulk bookings. Other than this, you can even split costs on transport or activities like boating. Going out together will help you all to have a roaring evening and reduce expenses at the same time.