10 Romantic Ideas for Busy Couples


With more and more people caught in the rat race for professional and social success, time for love appears to be at a premium. And yet unless two people invest some time and effort into their relationship, it is bound to get boring or worse unsatisfying. So here are a few romantic ideas for busy couples who are used to juggling their work, family and a host of other commitments.


Catch up during lunch

If you and your partner work within reasonable distance from one another, make it a point to meet him or her during lunch hours for say a couple of times a week. You can either drop in at your partner’s workplace or if that is too far, agree to meet some midway place for a quick bite. Even though the lunch will be a hurried affair, just the fact that the two of you could meet up will not only provide a welcome relief from work pressures but ensure that you remain in your partner’s thoughts for the rest of the day.


Set aside some ‘us’ time

Granted that work and household responsibilities leave you with no time to sit and have a hearty chat with your partner. Or worse you could be working separate shifts with barely seeing each other for the entire day. No matter what your respective routines, make an effort to set aside at least fifteen minutes every day when you can simply be with each other. Ask how the day has been for your partner or what is up for the day. Share something that happened to you but try to avoid discussing chores, kids and finances. Also ensure that all distractions like the TV, internet and cellphone are switched off. Make these few moments a sort of oasis of peace and positivity and you will feel close to your partner for long afterwards.

Work out together

No matter how busy the two of you are, you will definitely need to get some exercise if you are to stay healthy. So why not do it together and have fun while doing so? Go for an early morning run around the park with each other or walk the dog together. If you prefer the gym, make it a point to arrive and leave together even though you both maybe doing different exercises while in there. Working out together will not only help you to spend time with each other but health experts say doing it with a partner ensures that your fitness regimen has a greater chance of continuity.

Go on a ‘date’

Remember the time when you both were dating and would be so excited to meet each other for the evening. How about doing all that all over again? You may not be able to do it every week, but surely once a fortnight you can find some time for each other. Leave the kids with a babysitter and dress up nicely for your partner. Then go out for dinner, a dance or whatever you both love doing. Apart from the fact that you will love a night in the town, the evening will surely help you to rediscover your love for each other.

Give your partner a massage

On those days when your partner is completely bogged down with work and simply incapable of going out, decide to do something nice for them. And what could be nicer than a long soothing massage at the end of a grueling day? Your partner will not only appreciate your thoughtful gesture but the very physical process of the massage may turn out to be an intensely romantic experience for you both.

Cook dinner together

Being caught up in busy schedules, most couples tend to take recourse to fast food or takeaways for easing those hunger pangs. But once in a while, rope in your partner to prepare dinner. Apart from the fact that you will be eating healthy, the very process of cooking together can make for a sensuous experience as you play with tastes, textures, colors and give him/her a spoon to lick the sauce from.

Go grocery shopping

Mundane as it may seem, shopping for household supplies can actually make for a great bonding experience between a couple. Perhaps it is because you learn so much about the other person’s choices in food, lifestyle and leisure. Go down different aisles for a brief while for some personal stuff and then again meet up to compare notes. After checking out, don’t forget to wrap up the evening by stopping at a coffeeshop for a truly romantic finish.

A hot bath

When you just don’t have the time or the energy to go out for an after-dinner walk, a nice hot bath before bed is just what you need. With your partner of course. Not only will the bath be hugely relaxing but who knows, one thing may lead to another and you both might feel refreshed enough for some steamy action of your own.

Leave for a mini vacation

If you or your partner have been going through a particularly crazy time at work, then after the   project is done or the deal is inked, treat yourself to a vacation with your partner. Even if you can get away just for a week, make sure that you do so. Leave the kids with grandparents or trusted relatives and book a nature resort or a beach cottage just for the two of you. All this may take a bit of planning and co-coordinating with other people’s schedules, but you can sure that the time spent with your partner will be worth it.

A day in the park

Parents with young kids or toddlers may find it difficult to get away from them on a regular basis. If you are in such a situation then look for ways you can romance your partner even with kids around. Plan a picnic in the park when the weather is nice and as the kids get busy feeding the ducks or playing with a Frisbee, share a few quiet romantic moments with your partner. Again if toddlers are in the house, put on their favorite DVDs while you both lock yourselves in the bedroom for some intimacy. The trick is to be spontaneous and find moments of opportunity even within your busy schedules so that you can continue to romance your beloved and have a fulfilling love life.