Second Date Ideas


Many dating experts believe that the second date is equally if not more crucial than the first since this will decide for sure where your relationship is headed. If you and your partner have already decided to meet again, it is evident that your relationship has potential. And a second date is the right opportunity to build on that. So here are a few second date ideas which can help you to get a good thing going and perhaps a bit more.


Have fun

Now that you both have got over the initial awkwardness of the first date, it is time to let your hair down a little. If you are still unsure whether the nightclub would be an appropriate choice so early onto the relationship, a good half-way idea would be a day at the amusement part or the town zoo. Have fun taking rides or watching interesting wildlife from all over the world. Many of these destinations often have a short audio-visual shows, demonstrations or workshops which can help you know more about the themes of the nature or amusement park, should you wish to. For those who are just happy having a good time, there are rides and treats galore which are sure to take you back to the fun-filled and carefree days of childhood.

Experiment with cuisines

If you have discovered that your partner is a foodie, there are a whole lot of things you can do on your second date. While you may have chosen the venue for your first dinner for its fancy décor and superior service, a second date is a good time to experiment with various cuisines. Take a trip to Chinatown to sample Chinese delights or go to an ethnic part of your city where they serve Lebanese or Caribbean specialties. Even if you do not have the stomach to venture out so far, by all means stick to familiar dining destinations but be sure to order a dish or two that neither of you have tasted before. New experiences not only bring a spark to a relationship but more practically offer useful topics of conversation which will eventually help you get closer.

Do things together

Not every first date is successful in breaking the ice between two strangers. If you found on your first meeting that you both were attracted to each other but couldn’t open up very well due to a natural shyness, the second time round it may be a good idea to do something together. A joint activity like horse-riding or rock climbing would give you both a common project and something to talk about. Even if you are not exactly the sporty type or are hindered by bad weather, get outdoors and build a snowman or go ice-skating together. Dates that are projects in fact spare you the awkwardness of having to entertain each other.

Chat up over coffee

The whole idea behind a second date is to find out if this is the person for you. And what better way to do this than by meeting over a cup of coffee and having a quiet tète-a-tète ? Decide to meet at a cozy place which is however not too shabby. Remember these are still early days and you don’t want to let your date think that you are one for pinching pennies. At the same time, avoiding too classy a destination will send out the desired message that you believe in the quality of a relationship and have no use for those only attracted to external frills. Get to know a little more about each other while having your espressos and lattes and if all seems to be going well, order something to eat as well; it need not be a full-course meal perhaps, just a light bite to silence those hunger pangs and get you in a good mood.

Explore mutual interests

Now that you know that interests you and your partner share, how about structuring your second date around one of them? You could spend an afternoon rambling around the art gallery in your town if you both are art lovers or sign up for a pottery class if you are the creative sort. Engaging in a common hobby will not only be an enjoyable experience in itself but in fact give you lots to talk about, thus helping you to share other aspects of your lives with each other.

Get out of the familiar zone

If you are to use your second date to separate fling material from boyfriend/girlfriend potential, decide to take a trip out of town to see how they react to new surroundings and experiences. It is easier to keep your guard up in familiar settings and when placed in new settings or unforeseen circumstances, people will often reveal their real natures. So take a train to a city with a beach or historical sites and then get to know your partner during the ride. However make sure that the trip does not exceed an hour one-way or it might get too exhausting.

Attend a concert

Music is something almost everyone enjoys, even though tastes and preferences may differ. If you and your partner are lucky to follow the same bands or genres, decide to attend a music concert on your second date. It could be a symphony or an opera if your tastes lie towards the classical or a rock gig if you both are fans of newer trends. In fact to make the date even more interesting, how about catching a local band that neither of you know about? It would not only be a great way to find out your partner’s taste in music, but just knowing that your date includes rock n roll would definitely make you look cool – even if the band sucks.

Apart from getting a second chance to set things right – if your first date wasn’t exactly a romping hit – a second date is a great opportunity to find out if you really want this person for keeps. At the same time, this is also when you can let down your defenses a bit and have some fun. So loosen up on your second date and use the above ideas to have a great time.