Inexpensive Romantic Date Ideas


There are times when you dare not ask your loved one out on a date since money is tight and you are not sure if you can have a afford a good time. But romance need never be held hostage to a budget and so here are a few inexpensive date ideas which are incredibly romantic at the same time.


Catch a show

Going for a music or comedy show on a date need not always be an expensive proposition. Instead of catching a professional performance which usually has high-priced tickets, take in an amateur night at your favorite bar, coffeehouse or comedy club. Not only the prices will be far lower, for all you know, you may even get a chance to get up on the stage and tell a joke or read some love poetry to impress your date.

Go walking

For those who don’t mind getting up and about, a walking tour of you city or town can be a wonderful date idea when you are having nice weather. You could contact your local authorities for a walking tour map of your town and then set about to (re)discover the sights, architectural highlights and the museums along the way and maybe get to know each other even better while you do so.

Have a picnic

Put together a picnic basket with a few sandwiches, a carton of juice, muffins or any other dessert that is lying in your kitchen. Then take your bikes and set out with your sweetheart for a long meandering ride through the hills or the countryside. When you come upon a shady nook or an opening by a stream, unpack the picnic hamper and lay out the goodies. Use the time spent together to talk to each other, find out about your partner’s dreams and aspirations and the at the end of the day you will feel connected to him/her in a way that would have been impossible if you have settled for an evening at the nightclub.

A movie night

If you cannot afford the exorbitant tickets at the movie theater, how about arranging for your own private screening? Invite your partner over for a movie at your place and make a date out of it. Arrange the furniture in the way of a movie hall and keep snacks and soda handy so that you both can munch away while watching the movie. To make the date even more interesting, set a theme, like the worst comedy of all time or the best movie adaptation of a literary classic and challenge each other to bring a DVD according to the theme. Finally snuggle up before the screen and if you find yourselves enjoying all of this, you may even prolong the date to another movie or follow it up with some romantic action of your own.

Spend a day at the beach

If you are lucky to live in a town along the coast, make the most of it by spending a day with each other at the beach. It would cost you nothing, apart from spending on transport to get there. In fact if you want to reduce costs even further, get packed lunch from home. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella, beach towels and sunscreen as well or you might have to pay up for these essentials on hire at the beach. And when you have had enough of swimming, walk along the beach hand-in-hand picking up shells or rub each other with sunscreen in long sensuous strokes and you may find your partner willing to do this again sometime soon.

Go tobogganing

If you are snowed in and yet don’t want to be shut indoors, call up your date and ask her/him to come over. In the meantime, ask the neighborhood kids where they go tobogganing once your date arrives, head for the “slopes”. It will not only be great fun to go back to the games of childhood but can even be hugely romantic with both you and your partner frolicking in the snow together. Follow it up by stopping at a café for a hot cup of joe or some other warm beverage and you are sure to have the perfect ending to a most amazing date.

Attend a literary event

If both you and your partner are great readers, you could plan a date around a book reading or poetry reading session. Most literary clubs or big bookshops host such events and unless they are featuring a well-recognized author or poet, it is usually easy to gain an entry to such venues. Take your date along to attend one such session and you will not only have a great evening, but also take back something to discuss when you stop at the café or diner on your way home.

Get naughty

For a sizzling date idea on the tightest of budgets, how about arranging for a strip show for your partner with you as the star performer, of course. Rehearse the steps a couple of times before the performance and on the actual night, have your partner sit back and enjoy the show.

Cook a meal

For foodies, nothing complements a romantic evening with a partner better than an offering to the sense of taste. So invite your love over to a dinner date but instead of going out to an expensive restaurant, have it at your own place. To keep costs down and yourself stress-free, avoid cooking too many dishes. Rather make any single item of the menu the highlight of the dinner, like a casserole if your partner is the meat and potatoes kind of guy or perhaps the rich chocolate truffle pastry if your girlfriend has a sweet tooth. If you can afford it, go for a nice wine too. However ensure that the setting is right; with soft music playing in the background, muted lighting from candles and flowers on the dining table, you are sure to have the most romantic of dates.