Spontaneous Date Ideas


Spontaneous dates are probably the most difficult to pull off because of the greater element of uncertainty involved as compared to a planned date. But then what is romance without a little bit of unpredictability and mystery. So here are a few spontaneous date ideas to add that edge of excitement to your love life.


A drive through the countryside

When you are stuck for things to do on an ordinary weekend, how about taking off with your partner for a drive through the countryside or someplace far away from the city? All you need is a couple of hours’ worth spare time which is as long a regular date lasts anyway. Just make sure that you choose a route which is not clogged with traffic or your romantic mood might turn sour pretty quickly. Take along a few of your favorite CDs to play during the drive and if the weather is good, let the wind blow through your hair as you enjoy each other’s company. If you have the whole day to spare, make a halt at a town and village which looks nice; explore the place and stop for a spot of lunch at a local pub or inn. Who knows you may end up discovering a great place for a quick getaway!

A picnic in the park

If you do not wish to venture out of your town or city and yet want to make full use of some unexpected spare time with your partner, plan a picnic in your neighborhood park. Quickly grab a picnic hamper and throw into it some sandwiches, juice and muffins. Spread out a rug on the grass and lay all your stuff there. Read a book to each other, play Frisbee or take a stroll through one of the walking trails. You will love the relaxed pace of your date and for once you will be thankful that you didn’t cram your time spent together with too many activities.

A sitcom dinner

If you and your partner love the same kind of TV shows, a sitcom dinner can make for a great spontaneous date idea. Ask your loved one to come over to your place while you arrange for a DVD of your favorite sitcom. Keep ready a few snacks to munch on like popcorn or nachos. You can even order for a pizza and once you are through with the show, you and your partner can cozy up for a hearty dinner and discuss what you did and did not like about the episodes. If you want to make this event yet more special, decide to play a favorite romantic movie of your partner’s and at the end of it, maybe you can plan some fireworks of your own.

Play games

Yet another indoor date idea, a game night works equally well when you want to meet on the spur of the moment but have not yet planned what to do. Above all, you need not spend a fortune to go on this kind of date. Just bring along whatever board or card games are your favorites to the dating venue, which can be either your pad or your partner’s place. You can start with board games like Scrabble and Monopoly and then move on to more spontaneous ones like Dumb Charades. Strip Poker is a good idea if you both are in a naughty mood and would like to get things hot.

Pick out a name from the hat

If you both are wondering where to go for dinner tonight, jot down the names of eight or ten restaurants in your city on individual slips of paper and ask your partner to choose one. You pick up another but don’t open it unless you find the restaurant of the first choice closed. To give your date a greater edge, decide to order something completely new to both of you from the menu. And even if it’s not great, the whole random experience is sure to be loads of fun!

Get sporty

No matter where you live or what time of the year it is, chances are that there is some sporty activity you can engage in for a spontaneous date. If you live near a hill or the woods, just set off on your bikes or sling a backpack on your shoulder and go hiking together. In case you have a water-body like a river or lake or the sea nearby, sailing or swimming are other outdoor options you can explore with your partner. However in case of bad weather, look for an indoor sport like bowling or pool which you can play and have fun while doing so. The local driving range or the mini-golf course are other venues which you can explore for a spontaneous date.

Cook it up

This makes for a great spontaneous date idea if you both have a knack for cooking and are stuck at home on a rainy day. However to make it really interesting, make sure that you stick to only those ingredients that are already at home like bread, milk, eggs, tomatoes and the like. No going out to shop or ordering in. Pull out everything you have on the counter and then rustle up a meal together. The experience will not only liven up an ordinary day but in fact bring you closer as a couple while having fun in the kitchen.

Recreate your first date

If you have exhausted all likely options for a date idea, how about going back to where it all started. Surprise your partner by recreating your first date; visit the same restaurant you went to and wear the same dress that you had on that day. Order whatever you had eaten on your first date and if possible, request the staff to put on the same music that was playing that day. It will not only be fun to rewind to the past but knowing how far you have come since then and how much more you mean to each other now will make it all the more romantic.