Lunch Date Ideas


A lunch date is ideal for couples who want to keep their date a casual and relaxed affair. It is also a good idea for women who have security concerns and want to restrict their meetings during the daytime. So whether you are just getting to know someone or want to avoid the late evening rush, here are some great lunch date ideas for you and your partner.


Opt for your partner’s favorite diner

Almost every individual has a favorite daytime diner where the food is good, the atmosphere relaxed and the service quick. Ask your partner if he/she knows of a special place where you both could have a nice leisurely lunch while enjoying a sunny day or listening to some nice music. Be receptive to your partner’s suggestions even though the address may not exactly be in your kind of neighborhood since for all you know it might turn out to be a splendid place which you may be tempted to patronize even without your current partner.

Go hiking

If you both are the outdoor type, what better way to have a date than in the midst of nature? Take a gentle hike through the woods or a familiar mountain trail. Bring along a bag lunch of fruit juice, granola bars and trail mix. And then when you come upon a cozy nook, take a break and enjoy your lunch as well as each other’s company while admiring the view around you.

Have a picnic

Make use of a spell of sunny weather to plan a lunch date at a park. If you don’t mind a drive, choose one which has a variety of water features, arbors and distinct horticultural areas so that before or after lunch you can enjoy its attractions. On the other hand if you don’t feel like venturing too far out from your familiar zone, your neighborhood park will do just as well. Pack a picnic hamper with sandwiches, juice and some tasty treats for dessert. After you have wrapped up lunch, go for a stroll along the walking trail or feed the ducks, all the while having a nice conversation.

Beach lunch

If you are lucky enough to live in a seaside town, plan a day at the beach. Throw in a blanket, beach umbrella and some sunscreen in the boot of your car and then head out to claim your place on the sand. You could bring along some sandwiches for lunch but a far better idea would be to explore the beachside shacks which often turn out to have some very appetizing seafood dishes.

Potluck lunch

If it was a common interest in cooking that brought you and your partner together, how about planning a date around it? Decide on a potluck lunch for which you and your partner would bring your own contributions; you could either agree to a theme according to region like Thai or Mexican or ingredients like seafood or spring vegetables. On the other hand if you want to keep things simpler, just rustle up whatever you are best at. A pot luck lunch will not only let you escape the expenses and hassles of eating out but in fact make for a great conversation as you can both discuss your culinary experiences to your hearts’ content.

Go to the zoo

A short afternoon at the zoo would make for a fun lunch date idea, especially if it has been years since you visited a zoo. Besides taking a stroll and viewing interesting animals, you can also choose from a variety of foods available at the numerous vendors around the park. Most big zoos in fact have special luncheon areas located in the most beautiful surroundings to offer a pleasant experience to its visitors.

Movie lunch

The daytime alternative to movie-and-a-dinner date, a movie lunch date allows you to do the same things like watching a movie and dining afterwards but in a much more casual atmosphere. There is neither the need to dress up in formals nor the vague stress of dealing with questions of intimacy following dinner. And best of all movie tickets during the day are far more easily available and cheaper too than during late evening. However if you are planning to take your date to a new blockbuster, it would be prudent to book the tickets ahead just in case few other couples start thinking like you.

Weekend brunch

This is a good idea for couples who are too busy to meet for lunch during the week but at the same time want to avoid the pressures of a dinner date. In fact meeting up for a late morning brunch over the weekend can be the perfect starter date for a couple who are just getting to know each other. If you want to make it a special event, by all means dress up and turn out in your very best for the Sunday brunch. If all goes well, you can even celebrate with a glass of champagne or indulge yourselves with a rich tasty dessert.

Professional services

For those who are too busy even to find someone to have lunch with, there are now a few dating services which in return for a fee, will match you up on a lunch date. The best of these lunch dating services not only claim to find you a suitable lunch partner but even co-ordinate your schedules and pick out a nice spot where you and your date can meet for lunch or just drinks. The biggest advantage of this arrangement is its flexibility. At the end of an hour, if you don’t feel like going on, you can always ask for the check on the plea of your professional commitments. On the other hand, if you hit off, lunch can always extend on to dinner and beyond.

A lunch date has several advantages over the traditional dinner date. Meeting for lunch not only keeps things more relaxed but the shorter time frame allows you to make a quick exit in case you don’t want it to drag on. Moreover since it is in the middle of day, there is no alcohol involved which is a good thing for both those who tend to have a little too much and those who find themselves at the receiving end of such overindulgence.