Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for New Year's Eve


What better way to welcome the future of your love than by celebrating the New Year’s Eve with your partner.  However romancing on New Year’s Eve does not mean that you have to empty your bank account to be able to afford all those pricey buffet dinners or dances at upscale clubs. Instead ring out the old and ring in the new with these inexpensive romantic ideas which will give the perfect start to another year of love and magic.

Go where the crowds are

New Year’s Eve celebrations provide the perfect opportunity to ring in a brand new set of 365 days with your partner. Gather at the town square where the biggest crowds are likely to be. Arrive early with your beloved to snag the best positions for the viewing the stage where a pop singer or celebrity might be making an appearance. Even if your town doesn’t figure high-profile events, check if a music concert, carnival, a fair or fete is planned on New Year’s Eve. These local events make excellent ways to have a good time on a budget. Generally there are no or very nominal entry fees. At the fair or fete, you can sample a variety of eats at the food stalls, try your luck at the games, get goofy before the magic mirrors, jive with the music bands and overall have a rollicking time with your sweetheart. And when the clock strikes twelve, you can watch amazing fireworks light up the sky as your share a kiss with your beloved.

Hit the malls

Warm and dry interiors of a swanky shopping mall can prove a pleasant refuge from the cold wet conditions outside and the best part is that you needn’t pay anything to enter. Apart from this, New Year’s Eve increases the practical value of such a date when you can both shop for a last minute gift for your beloved as well as a have a good time, browsing through the decorated corridors - that is if you don’t mind a little crowd. Once you feel exhausted, you can always head for the food court and settle down with a sizzler or plateful of steaming dumplings. Above all the bright ambience and the celebratory mood of the holiday season can make a mall date even more entertaining.

Head for the beach

If you are lucky to live near the sea where winter temperatures remain pleasant, head to the beach to cheer the beginning of a fresh year and a fresh chapter in your relationship. While the hottest beachfront parties may have a steep entry fee, you need only pack a picnic box with some juice and muffins and you are all set for a romantic time with your partner. At midnight cheer the awesome fireworks that are sure to light up the sky and you are off to welcome another year with a bang.

Get cozy indoors

If you and your partner are romantics at heart, a perfect New Year’s Eve could be organized around a poetry reading session. Build a crackling fire the old fashioned way or get the electric fireplace going to imbue your surroundings with a romantic glow. Once your partner arrives and settles down, read out to each other your favorite sections of love poetry or passages from romantic novels. Another great variation would be to take turns to your choicest pieces of romantic music; hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes or simply sit back and sip from steaming cups of cocoa, all the while enjoying the charms of romantic poetry or music.
For those of you who would like more fun into your New Year’s Eve date, play a game - write down your romantic resolutions for the New Year and have fun exchanging and reading them aloud.

Cook a meal

For foodies, few experiences are as sensual as rustling up a nice home-cooked meal together. In fact the warm colors, aromas and tastes of such a meal can be the perfect way to thaw a cold winter night. However to keep yourselves stress-free, keep your New Year’s Eve spread simple. Rather make any single item of the menu the highlight of the dinner, like a casserole if your partner is the meat and potatoes kind of guy or perhaps the rich chocolate truffle pastry if your girlfriend has a sweet tooth. If you can extend your budget just a little bit, go for a nice wine too. Also ensure that the setting is right; with soft music playing in the background, muted lighting from candles and flowers on the dining table, you are sure to have the most romantic of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Have a picnic

If the reservations at riverfront restaurants are simply unaffordable and the near-freezing temperatures make it impossible to be outdoors, you can always have an indoor picnic. This would be one of the most romantic ways to usher in the New Year and you can make it as inexpensive as you want. Set a place in front of window or a balcony with a nice view. Make it as attractive as you can by laying a checkered cloth, loading a picnic hamper with goodies like cheese, French croissant and some tasty fried chicken. Bring out the best wine you have and a couple of long-stemmed wine glasses to raise a toast to your love. Finally envelop yourselves in warm blankets and then watch amazed as New Year’s Eve fireworks light up the horizon.

Head to the nearest rink

Even though New Year’s Eve is often associated with snowbound traffic and freezing temperatures, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the outdoors. Head to the nearest ice-skating rink with your partner and get gliding across, hand in hand with your beloved. Above all, this is a romantic New Year’s Eve celebration idea that will introduce a lot of necessary hugging early in the evening. After you have had a fun-filled evening you can drop in at the nearest pub and indulge in a warming drink.