Dating Ideas that don't Cost Anything - Free Date Ideas


The pressure of planning a date is enormous! Every second is precious and everything needs to be perfect. But one doesn’t achieve perfection from planning an extravagant date. Sure, we would all like to go out for a lavish dinner and sumptuous dessert, but that isn’t always possible, is it? Wonderful, exciting and surprising things can be done on a budget too. And some dates can be free! Countless people would disagree but if you pondered hard enough, you’d see that dating doesn’t always have to be expensive and jittery. Here are a bunch of ideas that won’t dig a hole in your pocket but will keep you entertained!


  1. Exchange skills – Ask your partner what he/she is good at. Learn the skill from them and teach them yours.
  2. Sport play – If you find yourself amidst a sports enthusiast, challenge them to a game!
  3. Bonfire – Try building a bon-fire. Substitute it with a snow-man in the winter. 
  4. Picnics – Your girl will plan the perfect picnic and will leave all the romance to you. So when you get a great meal and some quality time with your girl, don’t let it go to waste!
  5. College events – If you happen to live next to a university, drive down and attend a seminar or a party. What better way to socialize than to go to the hub of all the activities?

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  6. Truth or Dare – Choose a path and walk around. Dare your date or ask questions. You won’t realize how time passes by!
  7. Beach – You could go to the beach and have an inexpensive date there too. Watch the birds, play in the sand or spend some alone time together.
  8. Car wash – On a hot summer day, put on your bathing suits, help you car have a wash and bathe yourselves too. 
  9. Meal at home – You have everything you need. All you have to do is cook the food and invite him over. Eat, play and watch movies. 
  10. Hobby Ideas – If you find that your hobbies match, make a day out of doing it! Whether it is singing or playing, you will have fun spending time with your partner.
  11. Star gaze – Incredibly romantic! Curl up together to watch the stars twinkle in the night sky.
  12. Movie night – Select two movies and ask your date to bring along two more. Pick, choose, watch and enjoy.
  13. Board Games – Strategy games tickle your senses? Pull your partner in for a snazzy game.
  14. Contest time – Challenge each other to something completely absurd and entertaining. Try castle building, hop scotch, kite flying etc
  15. Park it – Visit the park and let go completely. Enjoy like children. Sit on the swing; try the see-saw and the slide. If people stare, laugh away.
  16. Dance – Surprise your partner with a special dance you learnt, especially for him.
  17. Historic places – Though this may induce a little monotony, there is nothing like some quiet time with your date! Go ahead and enjoy.
  18. Hiking – Go for an adventurous hike. Be sure to pack your equipments and enough water to last you the entire way.
  19. Guinness Book – Look up the book to see what you could do as a couple. Try and get it done as a part of your date.
  20. Drive – You could raid your car or his and set off on a long drive. With no particular destination in mind, stop wherever you see something interesting.
  21. Volunteer – Pick a shelter or a home where you could volunteer together and have fun.
  22. Project DIY – If you’ve been meaning to accomplish a project, set it as your date and complete it with an extra pair of hands!
  23. Art together – Make something interesting together. Let it be a small scrapbook or even a postcard!
  24. Exercise – Set up a gym date. You could challenge, gym together or learn from each other. It’s a fun way to lose some weight and get naughty together.
  25. Test drive cars – So, you aren’t looking to buy a car, but it doesn’t hurt to try driving it, right? Since you would have to keep it short, make it interesting.
  26. Watch people – Go to a crowded place and talk about the people you see. Make it interesting.
  27. To do List – The easiest way to probe into his/her mind. Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish later in life.
  28. City events – Parades, street festivals and other such events can make for good venues. Try them. You could participate or simply watch it from a distance. It could be awesome.
  29. Bike ride – You’d need two bikes for this and a destination. Cycle-away!
  30. Talk – Meet up somewhere and talk about whatever you find interesting. You could stay in at home or go out to the park. You could walk around the neighborhood or try the mall.
  31. Memorabilia- Meet up at your house and go through gifts, letters and other things that you have exchanged during the years. Not only will it bring back memories, it will also remind you of how silly/funny/stupid you were before.
  32. Bake – Take time out to bake some cookies. Let them cool, pack them and eat them at a park or in your lawn. Gossip, bitch about someone or just talk. Enjoy an extended date.
  33. Massage – You could give your date a back rub or even a foot massage. You also have the option of spicing it up with candles and soft romantic music.
  34. Favorite song –  If you have ‘your’ song, play it and dance to it. Doesn’t have to be perfect but as long as it has both of you, it serves its purpose.
  35. Enjoy Nature – For those of you who live in the country, this could be your perfect date in disguise.  Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and plan your future together.
  36. Book reading – Go for a book reading and enjoy stories told by others. You could do a book-reading session at home as well .Read your favorite part and let your partner enact it for you.
  37. Library meetings – You could meet up in the library of your school and communicate via drawings or writing messages.
  38. Study date – meet up at home and plan a study date. Not interesting? Make quizzes and grade each other.
  39. Costume date – try on various costumes in a costume shop. You are bound to come out giggling with joy.
  40. Light parade – During Christmas, target a town where an exhibition of lights is on display. Get romantic!
  41. Play cards – Uno, poker or black jack. Take your pick and have a blast! Need a naughty twist? Add strip before the name of the game and play it that way.
  42. Video game – Challenge your partner to a game and see the time fly by. This could get incredibly competitive, so try and keep your sporty side to a down low.
  43. Puzzles – If you happen to have a huge puzzle, mix up the pieces and start solving from scratch.
  44. Sunrise – You would enjoy a quiet sunrise within each other’s embrace even if you have nothing to say.
  45. Wine tasting – Go to a winery and take the tour. You may like a bottle or two that you could pick up and take home as well.
  46. Bubble bath- If you live-in together, it can be a real saver! Organize a nice bath with salts, scented candles, music and wine.
  47. Baby sit- Are your neighbors in need of a baby sitter? Give them two instead. Call your partner over and pretend to be a family!
  48. Car show – Visiting a car show is an inexpensive way to go on a date. The guy will be happy to check out the vintage cars and have his girl by his side.
  49. Plant a tree – Incredibly satisfying. If you end up getting married, you could see it grow. It could become a symbol for your growth as a couple too.
  50. Price is right – A small game you can play at a store like Wal-Mart. Go there, pick random items and try and guess their prices. See who is the closest and give away sneaky prizes.
  51. Fly Kites – You could make a day out of this and bring back your childhood.
  52. Browse through – If you live in together, sit back, browse through things and plan a garage sale.
  53. Fishing – All you need is a pole and some worms.
  54. Swimming – What better way to get to know each other than to be close together in a pool?
  55. Open air festivities – Check out for open air festive listings in the newspaper. Schedule your time table and attend it.
  56. Choosing any one of these ideas is bound to create some buzz. Let your partner know that you are interested in doing something different and try these. Not only will they be surprised, they will also look forward to what you have in store for them for the evening. You could add in some extra entertainment or throw in a surprise quotient that will make the date even better.