10 Ways to Make a Girl Feel Special


Every girl likes to feel that she is special to the man she loves. Apart from making her feel cherished in love, it also signifies that she is loved and cared for in a deep, meaningful way. Thus if you wish to show your wife or girlfriend how much she means to you, choose from these top ten ways of making a girl feel truly special.


Write a romantic letter

In these times of Facebook and twitter, do something completely against the grain like writing out a love letter for your girl in your own hand. Use a perfumed paper if you have one and sign off with a lipstick kiss. For all you guys rolling your eyes at the lipstick impression, dress up your epistle instead with a satin ribbon like the lovers of yore. Finally leave it somewhere least expected like in the car dashboard or pinned on her pillow and she will go all weak in her knees reading it.

Dedicate a song

Dedicate a song to your partner on her favorite radio station. This works great for music-lovers and especially if you know a few of your partner’s favorite numbers. However the catch is to make sure that the radio is on so that she does not miss the dedication. It is easy to do this if you both are at home but if your loved one is at work, you could rope in a colleague to ensure that the radio is playing the right station.

Make gift coupons

Put a little bit of thought into this one and come up with intimate ideas that you know your partner will like. A sensual massage for your woman for instance complete with aromatic oils, flickering candles and soft music. Or perhaps a box of her favorite chocolates even though the particular confectioners is at the other end of the city. Make a great show of presenting the coupons to your partner and warn her that if not redeemed soon enough, the offer may expire.


A thoughtful gift

An expensive gift like a piece of jewelry or a silk hand-embroidered scarf, can make your girl feel like a Queen, especially at a time when no birthdays or anniversaries are round the corner. However not all of them need make a dent in your pocket. You could look for something with a special significance like the perfume or cologne that your girl wore the first time you went on a date. A gift like this would not necessarily empty your bank account but work equally well to make your beloved feel truly special.

Indulge your partner’s taste buds

Food is a significant source of sensual pleasure. Consider what your girl loves best, a simple home-cooked meal with a romantic ambience or exploring new tastes in exotic cuisine. Plan a dinner date around wherever your partner’s culinary fancies lie. It could be something as simple as a home-made pizza with the pepperoni laid out to read a romantic phrase like “you are the one for me”. Or it could be a special dinner at a fancy restaurant with live bands and French menus. The whole idea is to pamper your woman with a lovely experience, so that she remembers it for a long time to come. However be careful to choose a day when you know your loved one does not have an important conference or a client-meeting lined up after work.

Take a class

One of the best ways to make a woman feel special is to share her interests; this not only implies that you are genuinely interested in her hobbies but that you would even enjoy pursuing them with her. You could sign up for a sculpting, pottery or drawing class for your date evening. Have fun exploring with various colors and textures and if in the mood, you could even splash a little paint or mud on each other. The idea is not only to unwind and learn about making something beautiful but also to have fun with each other while doing so.

Put on your dancing shoes

What girl doesn’t like to be taken out for a nice dance? For those who love to boogie, a dance night can make for a great romantic idea which in fact can be as casual or as exclusive as you like. If you both would like to be part of a larger group of friends, look for dance nights at your local pub where you are most likely to know more than half the crowd present. On the other hand, a night out at a swanky nightclub which has multi-level dance floors and a VIP lounge might be just the thing needed to impress a date. However if you both like your voices as well as feet expressing your love for music, look for a nice karaoke bar and perform a duet in front of a cheering audience.

Help around the house

It is not always necessary to use mushy sentimentality to make a woman feel special. You can just as well do this by performing an arduous job or take on a domestic chore that is usually her responsibility. This will make her feel that you care for her in a practical, everyday sense and not merely on an occasional basis.

Plan a weekend vacation

If you are familiar with your partner’s itinerary, secretly arrange for a weekend getaway and then surprise her with the tickets. This might be more difficult to plan if you have kids but consider the time and effort as a kind of investment into the most precious thing you have together – your relationship. Use the time away to reconnect with each other and avoid having discussions on kids, finances or other issues which are likely to act as stress triggers.

Spend quality time

Most of the times, all it takes to make a girl feel special is to give her quality time and your undivided attention. Set up a home date with your beloved and turn off all distractions like your cell phone and the internet. Read to each other, listen to your favorite music, simply talk – and your girl is sure to have one of the most memorable evenings of her life.