25 Places to Hide Love Notes to Surprise your Partner


Love notes are a simple yet delightful way of expressing your feelings for your partner. With just a few words or a couple of sentences, you can make your dearest smile, laugh, sigh and even have them searching for you to kiss or hug. However part of the charm lies in placing the love notes in a way that can catch them by surprise. So here are twenty-five great ideas where you can hide love notes for your partner to find.


Hide a love note for your sweetheart inside her towel so that when he/she is about to take a bath, it can surprise him/her with a cute message. If you are wary about your note dropping off unnoticed, carefully pin the note onto the towel or roll it up with your love note snuggling secure inside.

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Leave a love note inside the book your partner is currently reading. If your partner is in the habit of reading before turning in for the night, it would be a perfect way to say a romantic ‘Good Night’.

Yet another favorite way of leaving a love note in the bathroom is to stick it on to the mirror or writing “I love you” in lipstick. Only be sure that he/she doesn’t mind cleaning up the lipstick marks.


If you don’t want your partner to spend time scrubbing the mirror, you can also tape your love notes to a shampoo or a lotion bottle with perhaps a noticeable sign saying “for Steve” or “to Susan” to avoid mistaking the note with a prescription or instruction manual.

On the inside of the sun visor in your partner’s vehicle. But ensure that it is a sunny day and your partner will be unfolding the sun-visor or your message could be lying hidden for quite a while.

If you know that shirt or dress your loved one is going to wear for work in the morning, you can attach your love note to the hangar where that particular outfit is kept.

The inside of the shoe is another innocuous but extremely surprising place to find a love note from you.

You can also tape a note to your partner’s favorite beverage so when at the end of the day, when he/she goes to pour out a drink, they can be surprised by your romantic message.

The glove compartment of your partner’s vehicle is another popular choice for hiding surprises. In fact along with your love note, you can also leave a single rose or a lace handkerchief with a spritz of your own perfume. This will ensure that you remain in your partner’s thoughts the whole long day.

If your partner leaves for work after you, you can also tape your message to his/her car keys.

Another favorite place for taping a love note is on the dashboard of your partner’s vehicle. This may not be a great hiding place but you could leave your note in an official-looking envelope and thus raise the curiosity quotient for your partner.

If your partner doesn’t mind a bit the obvious, you could even buy an inexpensive plastic or bead necklace with the words “I love you” and then leave it hanging around the rear-view mirror.

On a day that you know your partner will be returning home before you, leave your love note hanging on the door knob and he/she’ll get the best welcome home surprise ever.

One of the simplest places to hide your message is in your partner’s wallet and yet this is also perhaps the surest way to have it noticed.

Take the old-fashioned route and leave a romantic message for your beloved in his/her mailbox.

If you want to surprise your dearest at work, you could slip in your love note in his/her laptop case.

A love note inside a CD or movie sleeve can also make for a great way to surprise your partner; only ensure that it is a particular favorite of theirs - something that they watch or listen to quite frequently.

When you know that your partner will sit down to a hot cup of tea or coffee, you can quietly slip in a love note in the bowl of his/her favorite cup or mug.

If you don’t mind making an extra effort, you could have your love note laminated and slip it inside the bubble bath that your partner usually indulges in over the weekend.

You can type a deeply romantic message on a shared or your partner’s computer and enable it as the screensaver – all without your partner’s knowledge of course; thus the next time your partner uses the computer and gets up for a cup of coffee, the screensaver will display your mushy words.

If your partner has a home office, you can scrawl a cute message on a sticky-note and put it up on his/her day-planner.

If your partner is leaving for out-of-town tour, include a love note in his/her bag of toiletries. That way he/she will not only be surprised at finding your note, but be delighted at this gesture of love when away from you.

For a great but simple way to catch your partner off-guard, hide your love note in his/her sock.

The living room is not usually associated with gestures of intimacy and romance. But you can hide a love note beneath a cushion and then place them on your partner’s favorite chair. As he/she is about to settle down with the newspaper and removes the cushion, your love note will come into view.

There is no item as indispensable as the TV remote; so the next time you want to catch your partner’s attention, have the remote wrapped around your love note in a way that they will need to undo it in order to get the remote to work.

Whether you leave your love note for a partner to find it easily or to be taken by surprise, the very fact that you have taken the trouble to scribble a romantic message for him/her is sure to touch them and increase the love and intimacy between you two.