10 Expensive and Extravagant Date Ideas


It is a rare man or woman who does not like to be indulged and pampered by their lover. While highly expensive outings and gifts are rather inappropriate for first dates, they are a great way to express your commitment in love or to mark a special occasion in your relationship. So if you want to leave your partner gasping in awe and delight, here are ten truly expensive and extravagant date ideas.

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A wine-tasting tour

If you know your partner is a connoisseur of spirits, a great date idea would be to organize a private wine-tasting tour. While there are many such tours organized these days, they mostly take wine lovers out in groups. Try to arrange for a tour where you both will be the only guests, with of course a guide and a sommelier giving you valuable inputs on the vineyards, the kind of grapes cultivated and on the lineage of various fine wines. In the end maybe you could even have a bottle of the winery’s most expensive offering gift-wrapped for your beloved. 

A chopper ride

If your partner is not afraid of heights, you can surprise him/her by arranging a chopper ride. Commercial helicopters are quite expensive to rent, but the thrill of flying about in a whirly and taking in the amazing bird’s eye views of the city from so far above can make for a truly unforgettable experience.

Go to a concert

For  a partner who fond of music, you are unlikely to go wrong with a date organized around a concert. Get tickets to an opera or performance by a reputed symphony orchestra and the more exclusive the event, the better. In fact if your resources permit, manage to obtain an entry to an invitations-only concert. Then dress up in your best tuxedo or evening gown and bask in the beauty and sophistication of the whole experience.


Skiing in the mountains

During the hot days of summer, this date idea can be the perfect way to impress your partner. Arrange for a private jet to whisk you and your partner away to the slopes which receive snowfall the whole year round. Once there, book into an exclusive ski resort and hit the slopes rightaway. Or you could take in the wonderful mountain scenery and indulge in a hearty meal before flying back to your city.

Fine dining

Dinner at an elegant continental restaurant is one of the most popular date ideas and is especially convenient when you cannot leave the city. Pick up your date in a chauffeur-driven limo and turn up in an haute couture gown or suit. By all means go for that solitaire pendant or Cartier wristwatch to dress up but don’t overdo the expensive look or you will be left feeling like a Christmas tree. Choose a restaurant which is famous for its menu, setting as well as ambience; finally enjoy the evening tinkering with crystal tableware, listening to an ten-piece live band and sipping one of the most expensive champagnes the establishment has to offer.

Dinner on a yacht

An even more exotic variation of the dinner-themed date could be one where you arrange to have the dinner for two laid aboard a yacht. Few people can remain untouched by the indulgent feel of a luxury yacht and the same will probably go for your partner as well. You can go the whole hog and organize a candlelight dinner, captain sailing, champagne nestling on a bucket of ice and then lobsters for dinner. When you are through with dinner, watch the stars in the open sky or listen to the gentle lapping of the waves before you turn back for the shore.

Go scuba diving

If both you and your partner love exploring the depths of the seas, there is little than can match the exhilarating experience of scuba diving. However to raise the extravagance quotient, check into an exclusive beach resort which offers greater privacy for high-end guests. And while still in the depths, act as if you have found an oyster shell but really fish it out from a pocket in your scuba gear and present it to your beloved, complete with a glistening pearl within.

Indulge yourselves in a spa

Book your partner and yourself into one of the most expensive spas in your region. This will allow you both to be pampered by relaxing massages, skin treatments and customized beauty therapies. If however you want to spend more time with each other, indulge yourselves in the Jacuzzi, private pools or simply unwind at one of well-stocked bars of the health resort.

Go shopping

If your partner is a shopaholic, one of the best dates could be organized around an entire day of shopping. Go exploring the swankiest mall in your city or take a tour of an exclusive neighborhood where most of the boutique stores and designer labels are located. If your resources permit, allow your partner to buy whatever his/her heart desires and make sure there are enough jewelry, apparel and accessories stores around so that he/she has a blast. Finally wind up by stopping for a cup of coffee or a quick bite at a posh bar or a gourmet café.

A trip to Paris

This could make for the last word in extravagance if you don’t mind putting up with visa hassles to arrange a day trip to Paris. Known as the romance capital of the world, Paris suits all kinds of lovers, from the snooty to the earthy. So after you touch down, proceed to have lunch at the top of Eiffel Tower, gaze at the Monalisa in Louvre and when dusk falls, walk along the Champs Elysees. Alternatively you can sail down the Seine in a private boat while musicians play your favorite song and you both take in the twinkling lights of the city as you sip on a Chateau Le Pin Pomerol from Bordeaux.

While expensive gestures are no guarantee to making a relationship last, it does make a partner feel cherished and loved. And what better way to make him/her feel special than by doing something truly fantastic and extravagant for them?