Romantic Music to Play on an Evening Date Home - 10 Songs We Recommend


Shakespeare famously wrote in the play Twelfth Night, “if music be the food of love, play on”. Love and music have a deep and universal connection. It is as if what lovers are unable to express on their own, a song does it so well through its combination of rhythms, words and music. So if you have an evening date home planned up, here are ten  romantic songs that are sure to set the mood.


You look wonderful tonight

This classic by the guitar god Eric Clapton never fails to evoke deep, stirring emotions of the wonder that is love in anybody who hears it. The soulful rendering speaks of love, of compliments and the beauty that lies in the eye of every lover. Interestingly the song was written by Clapton himself on September 5. 1976, while he waited for Pattie Boyd to get ready to attend Paul and Linda McCartney’s annual buddy holly party.

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God only knows

Even though the beach boys were better known for their sun-drenched, peppy numbers about surfing and cute girls, ‘God only knows’ belongs to a different league altogether. This song from the band’s ground-breaking ‘Pet Sounds’ album is more mature, heartfelt and even some would say, spiritual. Play the song for your beloved and she is sure to have a tear glistening at the corner of her eye.

At last

Even though ‘At last’ was written as early as 1941, the version sang by blues singer Etta James remains the most popular. The song is about waiting for a soul mate and finally finding him after so many  false endings in life. And while the song is especially popular at weddings and receptions for its romantic lyrics and sweeping orchestration, it could make a wonderful background to some slow dancing for a couple on a home date too.

Crazy in love

If you are looking for something rocking to tempt your lover to the dance floor, don’t look further than this booty-shaking number by Beyonce. Romantic songs don’t always have to mushy and ‘Crazy in love’ is sure to get your partner grooving with you on your special evening.


This is a perfect choice for couples who are just beginning to get to know each other. In the song Lionel Richie speaks of loving so many times in dreams and imagination but more than that the desire to express to a loved one what is in the heart. The song is particularly memorable for the line "hello, is it me you're looking for?” and this may have helped a number of tongue-tied men to express their readiness for a deeper relationship.


How do I live?

This song from the soundtrack of Hollywood movie Conair, has been sung by Trisha Yearwood. Its sincere and deeply-felt lyrics imagine a scenario of what life would be in the absence of a loved one and may be just what is needed to stoke up the embers of intimacy.

When a man loves a woman

This is one of the most frequently-played numbers of a romantic evening – the passionate words and soaring music bring together the desire and longing that a man feels for the woman in his life. The song was originally recorded by Percy sludge in 1966 and one of its most famous coverings was made by Michael Bolton who received a Grammy for the song in 1991.

Sexual healing

Suave, sexy and straight to the point – this song is perfect if you have fireworks planned up with your partner later in the evening. Sung by well-known soul singer Marvin Gaye in 1982, it has been described by the people magazine as the "America’s hottest pop-culture turn-on since Olivia Newton-john suggested she wanted to get 'physical'."

Love me tender

This one is a classic and will always remain so, one because of the velvety voice of Elvis Presley and two because of the simple beauty of its sincere and tender lyrics. Play the song if you want to tempt your partner to make deep eye contact with you and evoke sighs which reach to the depth of your being.

I’d die for you

Bring up your evening to a climax of powerful emotion with this number by Bon Jovi. The song is upfront and goes right to the heart of the matter without beating about the bush or playing around with metaphors. The song speaks of genuine blood-red passion and insists that while no one is perfect, “love is a king of hunger, without it we would starve”.