10 Date Night Ideas


One of the biggest dating questions that confront couples after they have done the dinner-and-dance routine for a couple of times is ‘what next?’ So whether you are a new couple trying to find out more about each other or a long-time one looking for unusual ways to spend quality time, here are ten truly great date night ideas.


A theme park

Couples who have been with each the longest will testify to the necessity of having fun together, every now and then, for a healthy relationship. And what better way to do it than to spend an evening at an amusement park, clutching onto each other through scary rides, sauntering hand in hand while licking on your ice-cream and laughing your heads off before the magic mirrors. If you both share a common interest like a passion for aquariums or Lego toys, you could even look for a theme park in your city where you can have a fun day out.

Movie night

There are two options in this one. If you and your date are just getting to know each other, you could go out for a movie in an upscale theater on your next date. This is will give both of you a chance to dress up and have a special evening in each other’s company. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable or casual option, you could plan a movie night in your own home. Rent a DVD which you both like, preferably a romantic classic, prepare some popcorn and get cozy under the blanket or on the couch.

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Attend a concert

For couples who are music lovers, there is little that can be as enjoyable as attending a concert together. If you both are into hardcore rock, look for a Bon Jovi or U2 tour in your town and sing out loud to one another. On the other hand if classical music is what moves you, get tickets to an operatic performance and enjoy Mozart pouring his heart out in Symphony 40 in G Minor.

Take a class

Attending a class together can be a great way for art lovers to get to know each other. You could sign up for a sculpting, pottery or drawing class for your date evening. Have fun exploring with various colors and textures and if in the mood, you could even splash a little paint or mud on each other. The idea is not only to unwind and learn about making something beautiful but also to have fun with each other while doing so.

Explore the outdoors

If you and your partner are the outdoor type, there are a whole range of activities you can plan for a date night. You can hire a boat and go for a ride on a river or lake. On the other hand if you are the sailing sort, you could even head out to watch the sun set on the sea. For a romantic experience on land, try hiking or camping through well-known trails and you might have the time of your life on a hill-top gazing at the stars and occasionally into each other’s eyes.

Get gaming indoors

However if your idea of a great date night is one that is spent indoors, there are still a number of games and sports you can enjoy. Bowling and pool are the traditional favorites for a casual night out while miniature gold can also offer scope for great fun and some friendly competition. However before you decide on these activities, make sure that your date is alright with them and not expecting to be taken out to an exclusive venue.

Put on your Dancing shoes

For those who love to boogie, a dance night can make for a great dating idea which in fact can be as casual or as exclusive as you like. If you both would like to be part of a larger group of friends, look for dance nights at your local pub where you are most likely to know more than half the crowd present. On the other hand, a night out at a swanky nightclub which has multi-level dance floors and an ultra lounge might be just the thing needed to impress a date.
However if you both like your voices as well as feet expressing your love for music, look for a nice karaoke bar and perform a duet in front of a cheering audience.

Soak in the culture

A visit to your city museum or art gallery can be just the thing to help you and your date know each other better. Browsing through a museum need not be as dreary as it sounds since there are all sorts you can choose from before planning a visit. There are museums dedicated to as diverse subjects as jewelry, musical instruments, ancient books, aircrafts and even to masks and UFOs. Likewise, art galleries these days put up exhibits related to glass, metal, mixed media besides the usual paintings and sculptures. Find out what best attracts your partner and your date night might be one to remain in his/her memory for a long time to come.

A Home-cooked dinner

Give the idea of a dinner date a new meaning by inviting your partner over to your place for a home-cooked dinner. Create the right mood with muted lighting, some soft music and aromatic candles. Take out your best china and make sure the wine is chilled to the right temperature. Most important of all keep the menu simple and prepare the dinner beforehand so that there are no last-minutes hassles and you are free to enjoy a truly romantic evening with your partner.

A bubble bath

There are few experiences that are as sensuous as taking a bath together. So whether you have known your partner for quite some time now and are ready to take your relationship to the next level or you are eager to spice up your marriage of many years, plan a bubble bath for your next date night. You are not only sure to have fun splashing around with each other but can also wrap up with an intimate night together.