Romantic Holidays in December

Best known for spreading the Yuletide spirit, December has several dates for lovers as well. This is the season to snuggle up to your partner while it snows outside. So take advantage of the following romantic occasions and have a fabulous holiday season.

December 4 - International Hug Day

This day is observed as International Hug Day. So don’t forget to start the day by enveloping your beloved in a warm embrace. Few gestures speak of love, affection and support as well as a hug and make sure your partner gets plenty of those from you today. Finally as you turn in for the night, give a great big squeeze to your sweetheart.

December 7 - Letter Writing Day

On Letter Writing Day, compose a romantic letter for your partner and write it out in your own hand. Tell them how they have made life beautiful for your and how much their love means to you. Look up some love quotations or extracts from famous love poetry if you have the time. Finally post the letter in snail mail like they used to in earlier times so that when your partner receives the letter, it is all the more special.

December 8 - Winter Flowers Day

Today is Winter Flowers Day and thus the perfect excuse to send a pretty bouquet to your loved one – remember men too like receiving flowers even though it is not a conventional gift for them. You can choose from a whole range of flowers that bloom in this season like amaryllis, carnations, chrysanthemums, Gerbera Daisy, Asiatic Lily, Holly Berry, Queen Anne’s Lace and wide variety of roses. Just don’t forget to accompany your bouquet with a personal note from you for that will make it truly unique.

December 14 – Beginning of the Holiday Season

For all those who celebrate twelve days of Christmas, December 14 marks the beginning of the holiday season. If resources are not a problem, then come up with a little gift for your sweetheart for each of the twelve days till you reach the climax with the most special of them all on Christmas Eve. On the other hand, you could also spend each of these twelve days doing something wonderful with each other, like sending out Christmas cards together, dancing to soft romantic music, building a snowman, going for an indoor match and so on. The whole idea is to find pleasure in doing new things together which in turn will help you to bond with your partner.

December 17 - Bake Cookies Day

This is Bake Cookies Day and offers the ideal opportunity to stock up on winter treats. Cut out heart shaped cookies with a cookie cutter and bake them for your beloved. Vacuum seal them in a container and send it to your beloved if they are away and especially living in another country. The taste of home-made cookies is sure to remind them of your love and give them a genuine feel of the holiday spirit back home. On the other hand if you have never done a spot of baking in your life, rope in your partner to teach you or sign up with a baking class. Apart from learning a very useful skill, you will have baked ample treats to last you the holiday season.

December 20 - Go Caroling Day

On Go Caroling Day, wrap up yourselves in scarves and coats and leave together to go caroling in your neighborhood. If you both are the indoor type, warble away with each other to put yourselves in the Yuletide spirit.

December 21 - Winter Solstice

This is Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the full-fledged arrival of winter. So go out with your partner today and indulge in some romantic winter fun like taking a sleigh ride together or making snowballs and throwing them at each other. After you get indoors, warm up with some hot cocoa and slices of tasty apple pie. With ample time and resources, you could even head for the slopes this winter for a spot of skiing. And finally snuggle in with your beloved beneath blankets and raise a silent prayer of thanks that you have each other to keep you warm.

December 24 - Christmas Eve and National Chocolate Day

Today is Christmas Eve and time to turn the festivities full throttle. Decorate the Christmas tree together and get mischievously secretive about the presents you have got your beloved as you put up the stockings. After you have cooked and had a special Christmas dinner, set out to watch the holiday lights in your city or meet up friends and have a great party. On the other hand if you take your faith seriously, attend a Church service or the Mass with your loved one. Praying together is one of the best ways to connect with your partner in a meaningful way.

Appropriate enough for the season of indulgence, December 24 is also known as National Chocolate Day. So gift your partner their favorite kind of chocolates this day - in fact you can choose from mind-boggling combinations of fruits, nuts, liqueur, crispies, truffles, cream and so much more. To up the romance quotient still higher, get a jar of chocolate body paint and get down n dirty with your sweetheart. Little wonder then that chocolate is known as one of the best aphrodisiacs around.

December 25 - Christmas Day

Christmas Day finally! This day there are a whole lot of ways you can have a romantic time with your partner. If you wish to stay indoors, cuddle up by a crackling fire and exchange presents with each other. Alternately you could set out with your partner for a spin in the town and maybe stop by for a hearty Christmas lunch. If you have been thinking of getting hitched, this holiday season can offer the perfect opportunity to propose to your beloved. Hide the engagement ring in one of the presents under the Christmas tree and when your girlfriend opens it, pop the question. Or build a snowman holding a banner saying ‘Marry Me’ and as your sweetie gasps in surprise, fall down on your knees and do the needful.

December 31 – Last Day of the Year

Ring out the old and ring in the new by celebrating New Year’s Eve on December 31. Go out dancing or stay put at home and when the clock strikes midnight, share a romantic kiss with your partner.