Romantic Holidays in February

February figures as an important month in the calendar of romance primarily because of Valentine’s Day. However there are many more holidays in this month which you and your partner can take advantage of to express your love for each other. Here is a brief list of the romantic holidays in February and a few ideas on how to celebrate them.

February 2 - Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day might not figure in the usual list of romantic holidays but it is really all about how you choose to pass the day with your loved one. Indulge yourselves by sleeping in, having a leisurely breakfast and then watching the groundhog’s predictions with your partner. And whether they are signal early spring or a continuation of cold days, you can always fall back on each other’s company either to celebrate or mourn the predictions together.

February 7 - Send a Card Day

This is Send a Card Day and thus the right opportunity to tell your sweetheart how special he/she is. With Valentine’s Day just round the corner and love in the air, no occasion is too early to send a romantic message in the form of a card. If you have the time, making a card yourself and putting down your own thoughts in it would make it all even more special.

February 11 - White T-shirt day

You can celebrate White T-shirt day on February 11 by gifting your partner one on which a romantic quote or a sexy slogan has been printed. For a more expressive gift, you could even personalize the white T-shirt with a photo of you, your beloved or both together. A yet more sizzling celebration could involve you getting wet in the white T-shirt and then your partner helping you get out of it.

February 12 - Freedom to Marry Day

Observed as the Freedom to Marry Day, this is an important occasion to be thankful for living in times when you have the freedom to choose your life partner. There are still some societies where young people especially women are denied to right to choose a spouse. So write a letter or buy some flowers as a gesture of your appreciation and devotion for the love of your life.

February 14 - Valentine’s Day

The King of all romantic holidays, Valentine’s Day is keenly awaited by lovers everywhere to be told by their partners “Be mine, dear Valentine”. Popular tradition has it that Saint Valentine in the early medieval times helped couples in love to get married secretly against Roman emperor Claudius’s orders which is why the day observed in his honor came to be associated with love and its expression. Though the day is conventionally celebrated with red roses, chocolates, cards or/and a gift, feel free to do anything with your beloved that you both enjoy. A lot of couples get stressed about the ‘perfect’ gift or way to spend a Valentine’s Day and end up unhappy after comparing themselves with others. So, watch a movie, go for a dance or get cozy at home before a crackling fire – just make sure that it is about the two of you, what you both love doing best and has nothing to do with keeping up appearances.

February 15 - Thanks for a Great Valentine

This day observed as Thanks for a Great Valentine goes out to all the guys who bought roses, wrote romantic cards and whispered ‘be mine’ to their partners the day before. Not to forget the unattached, February 15 is also celebrated as Singles’ Day. Though not technically a romantic holiday, this day is about singles getting together to have some fun and in the process, who knows, maybe even look out for potential partners.

February 15-21 - Flirting Week

Keep up the romantic momentum of Valentine’s Day with Flirting Week which is observed in the third week of February. Flirting is great fun, whether you are single or in a relationship. So for the next seven days, turn on your charms with members of the opposite sex if you are unattached and you just might be floored by someone who does it even better. And if you are already in a relationship, indulge in some heavy-duty flirting with your partner to spice up things between you two.

February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Apart from reaching out to strangers and acquaintances on this day, also make it a point to embrace your partner in your circle of love. Very often couples, especially those who have been together for some time, stop giving each other the same degree of kindness and consideration that they are careful to accord to co-workers, neighbors and even strangers. It is because of this erosion of civility in a relationship that disagreements and fights start getting ugly. So on this day, do something like massaging your partner’s shoulders, performing a chore that he/she is supposed to do or cooking his/her favorite dinner and see your relationship reap the benefits.

February 29 - Leap Day

Observed worldwide as the Leap Day, February 29 comes once in four years. And if you get to have one whole extra day in a year, you might as well make good use of it. Which of course means, sleeping in with your lover, taking the day off to have a cozy picnic, driving off to explore the countryside or a hundred other romantic ways to spend the day with your loved one.

Apart from having several holidays with great possibilities of romance on its calendar, February is also observed as the Nationals Wedding Month in the US. So attend a wedding as guests and spend the day tasting the buffet delicacies, dancing with the attractive cousin of the bride/groom or making a match between two eligible singles from among your circle of friends and family. Better still tie the knot this very month if you and your partner are already engaged. On the other hand if you are married, you could decide to renew your vows this but for those short of time and resources, simply take out a day to watch your wedding videos with your partner.