Romantic Holidays in October

Autumn is here and it is the season to get cozy with your sweetheart. Or have fun playing ‘trick or treat’ with your partner in a month which figures Halloween. So here is a brief account of holidays in October and some ideas on how to spend them with your loved one.

October 5 - Do Something Nice Day

Today is Do Something Nice Day and who better to lavish it on than your partner. Think up of something that your partner would be happy to get like home-made cookies of their favorite kind or a pretty bouquet made of blooms they love best. At the same time you can also do something nice for them by taking on a chore they hate like washing up after dinner or an indulgence they are too busy for, like giving them a foot-rub after a grueling day at work. After all it is the little things that you do for your beloved that add up to make a relationship truly meaningful.

October 6 - World Card Making Day

On World Card Making Day today, greet your partner with a romantic creation of your own. Avoid taking the easy way out and sneaking in a ready-made card from the shop. Rather set aside some fifteen minutes today and dig into all your creative resources to make a card with your own hands. It could be really artistic, designed with bits of fabric, sequins, dried flowers, featuring a photo or a painting. Or else as simple as a heart shape cut out from stiff red or pink-colored art paper. Just ensure that there is a loving message from you for your sweetheart to read and press it to their hearts.

Since October 6 is also Come And Take It Day, it comes as the ideal opportunity for ladies to put on some sexy lingerie and dare their lovers to - what else! - come and take them right away. There is a time for being discrete and careful and then there is a time for being bold and passionate in love - and latter is now, this very day.

October 7 - Send a Smile Day

This is Send a Smile Day and so dazzle your partner with a smile as you wake up in the morning. Then throughout the day send them smileys in emails and text messages. You could also hide smiley face stickers just about everywhere like in your partner’s car glove compartment, lunch box or the briefcase. The whole idea is to send towards them gestures of love and happiness which in turn would leave a smile on their faces the whole day.

October 10 - Tuxedo Day, Shampoo Day and National Angel Food Cake Day

This being Tuxedo Day, plan a dinner date with your beloved and then go all out to impress her. Start with making reservations at a fine dining establishment and then turn up in your formal evening wear to take her out. Make sure you have hired a chauffeur-driven limo for the evening so that you and your partner can indulge in a night of high class dining and recreation. After all sometimes you both deserve to be pampered by the finer things of life.
On the other hand if you believe in keeping things simple how about celebrating Shampoo Day with your significant other. Grab a bottle of perfumed shampoo, run a warm bath and get in together with your partner. Lather each other with the shampoo and you’ll be surprised to find it both fun and sexy.

Wrap up the day by indulging in some delicious dessert since October 10 is also celebrated as National Angel Food Cake Day. Order one from your nearby confectioner’s or if you are a mean hand at baking, go ahead and rope in your partner to create one. Choose your own favorite topping from decadent chocolate or tart strawberries. To set the fun quotient higher still, top the cake with whipped cream and then lick it off each other.

October 15 - Sweetest Day

The third Saturday of October is celebrated in many places of North America, particularly in the Midwest and the Great Lakes Region as Sweetest Day. This is a kind of Valentine’s Day towards the end of year dedicated to your sweetheart. So send a bouquet of flowers, write a love letter, buy a present or do whatever that would best express your love for your partner. Better still, go for a mini-date at your favorite bakery and order your partner’s choicest candies and confectionaries. Or else go out for a romantic dinner but stop at a famous delicatessen for some exotic dessert. For those among you who do not have a sweet tooth, find something enjoyable to do with your partner today so that you wrap up the day by making sweet memories for a lifetime.

October 24 - International Forgiveness Day

October 24 brings yet another opportunity to make up with your partner if you have been fighting with each other recently since today is International Forgiveness Day. Instead of waiting for the other side to come up with an apology, why not be the first to reach out and let bygones be bygones? Not only will you love the feeling that comes with getting back together but actually be relieved that you can again look forward to a ready-made cup of coffee in the morning.

October 31 - Halloween

The best known holiday in October is of course Halloween and though it is not explicitly a romantic date, you can have loads of fun this day with your partner. Go traditional by carving a Pumpkin lantern together and then get dirty in the kitchen with baking pumpkin pies and other Halloween goodies. If you are going to a Halloween Party deck up in a couple’s costume or if you are having your own private party, put on a naughty costume for your partner. Trick and treat ideas work great for lovers too – ask your sweetie to show you a trick and then you can reward him with a romantic treat! For the lazy ones, nothing works better than getting DVDs of spooky movies and snuggling up on the couch with your beloved.

October is also eCard Month and Pizza Month. So whether you shower your partner with digital expressions of your love or rustle up mouth-watering pizzas, the month offers opportunities galore to indulge - and be indulged by - your partner.