Romantic Holidays in January

The first month of the year is a great way usher in new ways of loving your partner. And even though it is not very well known for having specifically romantic holidays, January nevertheless has enough significant dates to warm up the lovin’ between you and your partner on cold winter nights.

January 1

New Year’s Day celebrations on January 1 provide the perfect opportunity to ring in a brand new set of 365 days with your partner. Gather at the town square, the mall or the beachfront to cheer the beginning of a fresh year and a fresh chapter in your relationship. Or else get cozy indoors, write down your romantic resolutions for the New Year and have fun exchanging and reading them aloud.

January 4

This is Flower Basket Day and so don’t forget to send your sweetheart a basket of his/her favorite blooms, accompanied by a loving message from you of course.

January 4-10

Celebrated as the Letter Writing Week, these seven days are an ideal opportunity to sit back and compose a love letter for your beloved. After all nothing says ‘I love you’ as sincerely as a love letter written straight from the heart. Just remember to put pen to paper and write out the letter by hand; better still sign of with a lipstick impression of a kiss or a spritz of your favorite cologne on the paper.

January 6

Today is Cuddle Up day and thus the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your partner for some tender loving care. Whether you get cozy in front of the telly, out on the porch for a spot of stargazing or while taking in a drive-in movie, make the most of these affectionate moments with your partner.

January 8

Bubble Bath Day on January 8 offers romantic possibilities galore. Run up a warm bath and fill it up with pretty, sparkling bubbles. Then climb in with your partner and get frisky with each other. To take up the sensual quotient still a notch higher, light a few aromatic candles around the bath and bring in your favorite wine together with a couple of goblets. You could make the evening a whole lot of fun by indulging in a spot of bathtub love game. This comes with bubble bath and a set of plastic bubbles, all filled with naughty ideas. Take turns to choose a bubble and then do whatever it suggests. Continue the game till you run out of ideas or your bubble bath takes a more intimate turn.

January 11

This being 'Thank You Day', it is the perfect opportunity for you to show your appreciation to your partner. Tuck in a note in his/her lunch-box, send them a text message, prepare home-cooked dinner or choose whatever way you want to say ‘thank you’. The whole idea is to express your gratitude for the love and sharing they have enriched your life with.

January 13

Make Your Dreams Come True observed on January 13 is all about dreaming of a future together and agreeing to work towards it as a couple. Share your thoughts with your partner on this day – see where you are at present and where you would like your relationship to head.

January 15

Today is Strawberry Ice-cream Day and so be sure to return from work with a tub of it for dessert. Or if you both like pottering around in the kitchen, make a batch of strawberry ice-cream at home. No matter how you get it, the final idea is to feed each other creamy bites of the ice cream and maybe lick a bit off the other’s face.

January 19

On Whisper I Love You day, do just that. You could do it as you get up in the morning, before you turn in for the night or anytime in between. Just make sure that the day does not end before you have whispered the three magic words in your partner’s ears.

January 21

Send a Hug Day is a great opportunity to tell someone that you love and care for them. So start off the day with a warm hug to your dearest and later text him/her several 0000s which is the digital symbol of a hug. Finally top it off with a huge bear hug to your partner as you say ‘good night’.

January 23

Even though not strictly an occasion for love, National Pie Day on January 23 could nevertheless turn into a romantic day as you and your partner settle down for some quality time with a cup of coffee and a slice of your favorite pie.

January 24

One of the romantic highlights of this month, January 24 is celebrated as Spouse’s Day. For all those wondering if spouses need another special day what with a wedding anniversary once a year and Valentine’s Day just round the corner, the answer is why not! The love between spouses is such a wonderful thing that no occasion should be missed appreciating it and expressing your devotion to one another. So go out for a special dinner tonight and take advantage of venues which are not yet overrun with crowds as they are surely going to be on Valentine’s Day. Alternately relax at home after leaving the kids with grandparents, listen to music or read to each other your favorite romantic poetry.

January 27

The perfect excuse to indulge yourselves is today on Chocolate Cake Day. Bring home a decadent moist chocolate cake and feed each other bits off it. Or instead of consuming sinful calories, burn them by having fun with chocolate frosting in the bedroom.

January 31

Observed as Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, January 31 is the day to make use of any artistic creation to lift up your heart. It could range from a beautiful piece of writing to a musical composition or perhaps a painting. But while you are transported by the magic of art, how about presenting or creating something for your partner to inspire them as well. Write a poem, bake a cake or buy a potted flowering plant for your dearest and watch their hearts thrill with love.