Romantic Holidays in November

The highlight of the holiday calendar in November remains Thanksgiving Day. However the month still has enough occasions for lovers to come close and be grateful to have each other in their lives. So here is a list of the best-known November holidays and a few romantic ideas on how to celebrate them.

November 3 - Housewives Day

Kickstart the celebrations with Housewives Day on November 3. If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, show your appreciation for her efforts by doing something special for her this day. In a society driven by material success, very often the absence of a professional identity and lack of recognition for their contribution to home and family can cause stay-at-home moms to feel that they are doing a thankless job. So this day get maid service for the house and a babysitter for the kids so that your wife can have a day off from chores and do what she likes. Better still, book an appointment for her at her favorite spa so that she can pamper herself or get her tickets to her favorite show. And even though ideally you should make efforts to recognize your partner’s hard work throughout the year, make this day as pleasant and relaxed as possible for your stay-at-home partner.

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November 10 - Forget-me-not Day

Though not very well known as a romantic holiday, Forget-me-not Day on November 10 holds immense possibilities to express your lasting devotion to your beloved. The nicest way to celebrate this day would of course be to send your partner a lovely bouquet of forget-me-nots a kind of small blue flower that are believed to symbolize everlasting love. You can however always use other gestures to express your deep romantic feelings like buying a piece of jewelry set in blue precious stones and in a floral design perhaps. Or spend the day together out in the countryside looking for forget-me-nots and even if you don’t find them you will at least have spent some precious time with each other.

November 13 - World Kindness Day

On World Kindness Day, go a little out of your way to do something nice for your sweetheart. Send your partner a huge bunch of flowers at work or stop by the bakery on your way home to pick up his/her favorite dessert. Other equally thoughtful gestures could include performing that one household chore that your partner hates the most or giving him/her a neck massage after a rough day at work.

November 20 - Beautiful Day

This day is supposed to e observed as Beautiful Day. And even though the origins of this holiday seem to be lost in time, turn it into the perfect opportunity of telling your partner how beautiful they are but most of all how beautiful life is because of them. If you can spare a day outdoors, spend it admiring the beauty of nature together and take in the sunset before heading home. Or else decide to create something beautiful together perhaps a flower arrangement or a nicely decorated cake. On the other hand if you are not in a mood for something quite so elaborate, simply snuggle with each other on the couch and watch a film like Life is Beautiful or American Beauty.

November 24 - Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and this year it happens to fall on November 24. Thanksgiving Day is the perfect occasion to remember and be grateful for all the blessings in your life, including a partner who loves you so much. So while you get together with your family and friends for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to raise a toast to this wonderful person who makes the world go around for you. There are still other ways of expressing your gratitude to your partner – hold hands, give him/her a big hug, share a romantic kiss or bake them their favorite autumn treat – all these are little but meaningful ways to say thank you to the love of your life. Even though Thanksgiving is not a traditional gift-giving holiday, you can come up with a small token of love and thanks for your sweetheart. It could be a bouquet of lovely autumn flowers or a pack of Thanksgiving treats like gourmet Turkey truffle chocolates. Those lovers who have a way with words can come up with a romantic card or love epistle on Thanksgiving Day, listing all those reasons why they are thankful for having their partner in their lives. Those who love being outdoors can hit the streets and watch Thanksgiving Parades together. Or else after the guests are gone, you can have some intimate time with your partner showing how much you love them and have to be thankful for.

November 23-29 - Games and Puzzle Week

The fourth week of November is observed in many places as Games and Puzzle Week. When the weather is bad outdoors, you can have a great time playing games and doing puzzles with your partner. Or if you want to make things hotter, take advantage of numerous intimate games in the market. These can not only liven up things on a raining evening but inject a healthy dose of fun into your lovemaking routine.

November 26 - Cake Day

Indulge yourselves by celebrating Cake Day today. If you and your partner are fond of baking, create a home-made cake and have fun icing it together. Alternately keep things simpler by ordering one from the confectioner’s – it could be a sinfully rich dark chocolate cake or a pretty-looking satiny Strawberry Cream Cake. After dinner feed each other bits of the delicious dessert and in fact you raise the romance quotient by actually licking it off each other. For another kind of sensual experience, get hold of cake-scented bubble baths and have a delicious time in the bathtub together.

November 29 - Electronic Greetings Day

Round off the month with Electronic Greetings Day on November 29. Send your partner a romantic email, e-card, text message or even video chat with them on Skype. Electronic communication is an indispensible way of keeping in touch today and especially a boon for lovers in long distance relationships.