Romantic holidays in May

With lovely weather all around, May holidays are the right time to tell your beloved how much you love them. And even if the month is primarily known for Mother’s Day, lovers still have a lot to look forward to with these occasions.

May 1 - May Day and Take Your Pants Off Day

While May Day observed on May 1 has varied meanings ranging from the historical to political context, for romantic purposes this is the time to pamper your partner with a bouquet of flowers. Remember the popular rhyme which tells of April showers bringing on May flowers? So this day, gather wild flowers from the mountainside or the country, tie them with a satin ribbon and present them to your beloved. If you live in a city though, you can get them from a florist but to give the occasion that special touch, make sure that you buy spring flowers. Bunches of camellias, azaleas, lilies and bluebells will not only thrill your partner’s heart but get you completely in sync with the season. In fact most flowers also have their own significance, for instance apple blossom signifies harmony and concord with your loved one. So choose a seasonal bloom which best describes your feelings and watch your relationship blossom.

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For those lovers among you raring to do something more passionate, celebrate this day by staying indoors and helping each other out of your pants. After all May 1 is also Take Your Pants Off Day and what better way to honor the day than by making it a prelude to some hectic lovemaking.

May 4 - Naked Day

After having taken pants off each other three days ago, go the whole hog on May 4 in order to celebrate Naked Day. stay home the whole day in your birthday suits or take a roll in the sack. For the more adventurous a day out at a nudist colony or a nudist beach can also be a great way to spend this sexy day.

May 4-10 - National Hug Week and Postcard Week

These seven days are observed as the National Hug Week in the US.  along with conveying love, a hug is a wonderful gesture of sympathy, friendship and support. So start off each day by giving a big squeeze to your partner. do it for a week and you just might end up making a lovely habit of it. If however you are in a long distance relationship, send an email or a text message to your beloved with lots of 0000s – the digital marker of a hug. He/she will not only feel loved but perhaps even sense the warmth of your embrace across the miles.

Yet another way long distance lovers can celebrate their partnership this week is by sending postcards to each other every day since this is also Postcard Week. choose one which has a lovely landscape shot of your town or city and it may set your beloved thinking of take the next flight to your place. Make the subsequent one more personal by getting it custom-printed with your photo or one in which you appear with your partner. and even if you are living in the same city as your partner, sending a postcard can be a lovely way to tell them that you have been thinking of them. Make a date out of it by sending a postcard of a particular landmark and then visiting it together. On the other hand, for sentimental lovers a great idea would be to send postcards with a new love quote for each day of the week.

May 6 - Military Spouse’s Day

Military Spouse’s Day is observed on the Friday before Mother’s Day and this year, the former happens to fall on May 6. If you are a service personnel, appreciate all that your spouse does for you and your family while you are away on duty. Take over their chores for today and make sure the kids are taken care of. Arrange for a babysitter in the evening and take your spouse on a date doing just the kind of things they enjoy. even if it is for just a day, your spouse will appreciate the gesture and most of all a day of pure rest and recreation.

May 8 - Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of May is celebrated almost everywhere in the world as Mother’s Day. and even if it is not exactly a romantic holiday, join in with your kids to make their mom feel extra special today. get the whole family to cook dinner, do the dishes, the beds and whatever that your wife does around the house. If your kids are small, leave them with their grandparents or a trusted friend for today so that your wife can have some well-deserved rest. Finally go out in the evening for a fancy dinner or stay at home and pamper your wife with a massage. After you have tucked in the kids, wrap up Mother’s Day with some extra lovin’ to your wife tonight.

May 11-17 - International Online Romance Week

These seven days make up International Online Romance Week and thus offer all the singles out there the perfect excuse to log in. There are literally thousands of dating websites today, varying in reach, popularity, safety and pricing. Check out the ones most suitable for you and get typing.

May 12 - Astronomy Day

Though meant to increase awareness about the science of astronomy, you can turn Astronomy Day on May 12 into your own romantic holiday. Set out with your partner for an elevated part of your town where there are no electric lights and have fun star gazing in the evening sky. If you have your own lawn, spread a blanket on the grass, lie down together and get lost in each other’s arms while star-watching. and should you see a shooting star flash by, don’t forget to make a romantic wish.

May 20 - Pick Strawberries Day

Today is Pick Strawberries Day and so take advantage of the bright weather and the ripening fruits to go strawberry picking with your mate. Remember to pack some snacks and a bottle of wine in a hamper and when you are done berry picking, have a romantic picnic on the strawberry farm.

May 25 - Wine Day

Raise a toast to your relationship on Wine Day. Do it at a classy bar or at your home but don’t forget to go for the finest spirits on this day. If resources are not a problem, splurge on a wine gift box for your beloved or a present of wine accessories.