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Popular media represents the most attractive female form as reed-thin, almost anorexic figures. This is curiously in contrast to the fuller female figure that many men profess to find more desirable – figures that have a well-shaped bust. If you too belong to the group of women who have thrown up their hands in exasperation and demanded, “what is it with men and breasts”, here are a few things you may wish to ponder on.

The term Mile High Club is a popular term applied collectively to individuals who have sexual intercourse while on board an aircraft. Here is a little more about the ‘club’, if you are thinking of becoming a member or simply curious to know what it is all about.

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A pregnancy is a life-changing experience at the best of times. But for a couple who is unprepared emotionally, physically and financially, it involves taking some very major decisions. So if your girlfriend announces out of the blue that she is pregnant, here are some ways you can go about it.

Keep calm

Those of you with the vague notion that spooning involves some kinky activity with cutlery, it may come as a surprise to know that spooning primarily does not indicate a sex position at all. Instead this involves a position where the couple lies side by side but with the man facing his partner’s backso that both of them have their legs bent forward and the buttocks of the woman "sits" into the groin of her partner – just like the way spoons are stacked against one another.

Encourages intimacy

Some sex positions can be tricky as it is, but when you have body size issues to contend with; things can get downright uncomfortable if not dangerous! But, if you are one of the millions of people who are what I like to call ‘biggy-sized’ or ‘big-a-licious’; there are still ways that you can enjoy sex to the max. There are all kinds of sex positions for fat people that are worth trying, so read on for what you need to rock your super sized world.

A woman’s body,  like her heart,  can be a mystery to even the most experienced of lovers. This is because different women have different turn-ons or their favorite kind of foreplay may vary from one to another. However if you are looking to make some mind-blowing love to your woman, here are ten erogenous zones that you should know about.

Physical intimacy is so matter of personal preferences that it is difficult to lay down as a rule what all women will enjoy. There are how certain things which most women are apt to find boring and if you find your girl yawning more often than moaning in bed with you, maybe you are doing one of these.

One of the best ways to make your love life exciting is to get adventurous! Here are fifty places you can have sex.

Sexual incompatibility is one of most common reasons why couples drift apart and eventually break up. This is because though all lovers want physical intimacy from their partners, the exact form and frequency of sexual desire may differ from one person to another. If such a situation continues for long, it might even lead to the breakdown of a relationship. However you can manage sexual incompatibility and here are a few ways to go about it.

Identify the problem

In recent times there have been surveys galore which point towards an increasing trend of sexless marriages in society. Busy working lives, children, changes in libido over time and just plain exhaustion seem to be the major culprits. So if it has been quite a while since you and your partner have had a romping session, don’t fret since you have growing company. Here is a brief guide who will help you to cope with a sexless marriage and yet have a meaningful relationship with your spouse.

Sex is not the prime necessity


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