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Even the most passionate of relationships can eventually suffer from the ill effects of dead routine and the flame that glowed so warmly in the first few weeks of your relationship now may seem to be fading away. This is an extremely delicate juncture - It can either go the way of sexual indifference when you and your man start drifting away from each other in search of newer interests or it can offer a brief period of lull eventually bringing back you and your guy into each other’s arms. Here are then some tips with which you can avoid bedroom boredom and spice up your sex life.

While fulfilling sex is usually associated with ample foreplay and some cuddle time, before and after the main act, for many, a quickie has its own scandalous appeal. Squeezing in some quick sex at an unexpected time and place not only works for new parents and busy couples but is great to spice up a mundane sex life because of the element of the taboo. However badly done, it may leave either or both partner feeling dissatisfied or worse, the woman feeling like a cheap hook-up.

Though the biological meaning of virginity is rather straightforward – someone who has never had sexual intercourse -  in reality there are a whole of complex issues like gender, sexual politics, history, religion and culture associated with the subject. Here is a brief outline of the meaning and implication of virginity in different cultures around the world.

What is virginity?

Despite being marked by varied tribal, religious, linguistic and communal identities, certain beliefs lie at the heart of African tradition and one of this is the belief in the existence of magic. Though a western model of education has shown the practical use of science and logic in daily life, the continuing faith in magic has resulted in certain widely held concepts, one of which is Mubobobo.

What is Mubobobo?

Physical intimacy is an important factor for the success of any committed romantic relationship. While couples may differ on how often and how long they have sex, not having it at all can be an indication that things are somehow not quite right. Apart from stressful lives and medical conditions, an important reason for a sexless relationship is disparity in sex drives between the partners. So if you have been facing such a situation on account of your partner’s asexuality – whether real or suspected – here are some ideas on what you can do.

Modern living has proved to be a mixed blessing – while it has made a plethora of recreational options available and increased our leisure time; it has also raised levels of stress in our lives. And one of the areas where the effect is most directly felt is in our love lives. If you want to boost your stamina and bring more staying power in your love life, here are a few natural ways to do it.

Get up and get moving

One of the most common questions faced by couples during a pregnancy is how to have sex. While doctors believe that making love is alright during a normal pregnancy, the parents-to-be often agonize about any potential dangers to mother or the unborn child. Here are some sex positions which are safe and comfortable during a pregnancy.

Woman on top

Couples who have been trying to have a baby are often advised to use certain sex positions to increase the chances of a pregnancy. While this may or may not be supported by scientific evidence, sometimes there is no harm in trying out an option which seems to offer a better chance than its alternative.

Sociologists and marital counselors are often found complaining that urban married couples are having less sex than ever before. But the good news is that women are experimenting more and taking greater initiative to spice up their love life. A survey of 4200 British women published by the tabloid Sun revealed that four out of five among them like to dress up for their partners and indulge in role play. So if you are thinking of jazzing up things a bit in your own bedroom, here are a few ideas you can choose from.

Virginity is differently evaluated in different cultures. In some it merely refers to a state of never having sexual intercourse while in others it may be inseparable from notions of purity and honor. At its most simple, losing your virginity implies having sex for the first time and if you are a girl, here are a few things to keep in mind.


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