Natural aphrodisiacs for men


The word aphrodisiac was coined for a substance that stimulates or increases sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs for men can work their magic in several ways. They can prolong and strengthen an erection and heighten the desire to have sex, enhance virility or can even be used to treat certain physiological conditions like sexual dysfunction and impotence. But on the whole, aphrodisiacs can be loosely termed as libido boosters.

Some people have an aversion to popping a pill (even for pleasure!) and prefer taking recourse in natural substances. And there is good news for them, for unlike the pills that can give you an erection but not the desire, a natural aphrodisiac can help restore sexual performance naturally.

Some of these natural aphrodisiacs for men are ancient discoveries that were used in ages gone by and have been handed down. Others are the results of research and scientific analysis. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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Arginine, an amino acid found in meat, nuts, eggs, coconut milk and cheese, increases blood flow to the genitals through the formation of nitric oxide, which has been discovered as the primary physiological mediator of penile erection. It is supposed to increase strength and lean muscle mass and is hence popular for its supposed anti-aging qualities. It has also displayed an ability to increase sperm motility, thus aiding male fertility, and may also be useful for erectile dysfunction. It is supposed to provide better erections and gives men more endurance as well as increases their desire for sex.

Asparagus, consisting of long stalks, is known as the food of love by virtue of its distinctly phallic appearance. It has detox properties and as it contains potassium, helps in maintaining water balance in the body.

Chocolate prompts the release of serotonin in the brain, a hormone known to induce feelings of relaxation and pleasure, akin to what we experience when we fall in love. It is also high in magnesium and antioxidants.

Damiana, an herbal medicine, is used as a sexual enhancer that increases the frequency of intercourse, aids performance and heightens an orgasm. It also helps to overcome sexual dysfunction, in addition to aiding the digestive system and toning the mucous membranes of reproductive organs. Jamaican folklore has it that when male goats eat it, their libido appears to increase dramatically!

Fenugreek, a medicinal plant, has been traditionally used by Chinese herbalists for male reproductive issues and kidney problems, largely because Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys are the area where sexual energy is stored. It is known to lower blood sugar and its seeds contain aromatic compounds that have an odor like maple syrup, thus freshening breath, useful in "close" encounters.

Ginger also has a slightly phallic appearance and is known to increase blood circulation to the extremities, just what is needed to add that stimulating edge to your grand performance, ideal as a natural aphrodisiac for men!

Ginkgo Biloba, a tree, the leaf of which is used to treat impotence, also provides a boost to mental power, strenghtens the body’s ability to achieve an erection and helps in sustaining it. In medical terms, the effect of ginkgo is likened to that of Viagra, in the sense of the effect of nitric oxide, helping to relax the artery walls, thus allowing more blood flow into the penis.

Ginseng aids in erectile dysfunction by increasing nitrix oxide levels and has a positive effect on the dopamine system as well. It acts as a sexual stimulant and has been found useful in the treatment of impotence as well. The sexual orientation of this human-shaped root is clear, as it was called ‘man with thighs spread apart’ by Native Americans. Korean ginseng when cooked turns the root a deep red. It is almost considered a panacea, due to the range of healing effects attributed to it. It plays a part in both male fertility and in sexual development.

Honey is brimming with sugar that provides energy. Fructose contained in sugar can help to sober up an inebriated man before performing in the bedroom by speeding up the oxidation of alcohol in the liver, thus cleansing the system. Try honey in water, slathered on a slice of toast or just a spoonful of it in its purest form!

Horny Goat Weed, a leafy plant growing in the wild, acts as a natural male aphrodisiac by helping erectile dysfunction in men as well as providing a boost to the libido.

Litchi, a succulent fruit that appears as a red berry on the outside and once peeled, reveals tender white flesh, is purported to have positive effects on sexuality and fertility. It has substances that protect the male sex organs from damage, as well as reduce/eliminate fatigue and increase stamina. It is also supposed to have anti-aging properties.

Maca, a root found in the Andes mountains, Peru, is known to stimulate or enhance sexual desire, erections and orgasms in men. Incan warriors used this root before battle, to increase their stamina and endurance.

Muira Puama, a shrub native to Brazil, has been used as a powerful natural male aphrodisiac and has associations as a nerve-stimulant, enhancing both the psychological and physical aspects of sexual function.

Rhodiola Rosea, a plant, can provide a boost to sexual desire and possibly aid in premature ejaculation. It enhances satisfaction, erections, and orgasms and men who have tried this natural aphrodisiac have reported renewed sexual energy.

Safed Musli is a natural herb with black seeds and white tubers, hence the name safed (white) musli. It is natural and safe and hence has widespread medicinal aphrodisiac properties with no side effects. It has been extensively used in Ayurveda and as well as conventional medicinal systems and is beginning to gain acceptance as a vitalizer and health-giving tonic, building immunity and in the treatment of diabetes and arthritis.

Other natural foods that have been attributed with aphrodisiacal properties:

Fish such as oysters, lobsters (tomalley, part of the liver of the lobster is supposedly what makes it an aphrodisiac), mussels. Caviar (fish roe) is also popularly known as an aphrodisiac for men.

We are often guided by our senses - what appeals to us in terms of appearance, taste and smell, can stimulate other senses too. Fruits such as peaches, due to their plump appearance and juicy taste, are also known to be natural aphrodisiacs for men.

A word of caution: The above is exclusively for the purpose of information and reference. It is best to seek medical advice or go to an informed source before beginning any treatment, even if it goes under the name of a herbal remedy. Too much of anything is never good and it is unwise to consume anything in excess without seeking guidance from an informed practitioner.

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