How to Have a Quickie


While fulfilling sex is usually associated with ample foreplay and some cuddle time, before and after the main act, for many, a quickie has its own scandalous appeal. Squeezing in some quick sex at an unexpected time and place not only works for new parents and busy couples but is great to spice up a mundane sex life because of the element of the taboo. However badly done, it may leave either or both partner feeling dissatisfied or worse, the woman feeling like a cheap hook-up. In order to avoid such possibilities and get the thrill out of a spontaneous act, here are a few tips on having a quickie.

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Get into the mood

If the thought or opportunity of a quickie has just come to you in the middle of a busy day, it is unlikely that you will have time for an hour of foreplay; so you need to get yourself in the right mindset fast. Here a well-chosen phrase or a suggestive glance might work get you in the mood. If that doesn’t help then, a vivid mental image of pleasuring your partner might help things get rolling. A little playful touch along with some innocent rubbing alone can set you off on a wild run.

On the other hand if you have been planning a quickie ever since morning – as when you know your partner is meeting you for lunch – then you have some headstart in setting the mood. So you can compliment the way your partner smelled this morning when he woke up beside you or the way he looked when she left for work. If you don’t live together, you can still call up your woman up to tell her that you were imagining yourself licking her or send her a bouquet with ardent quote on love. All this will keep your partner mentally stimulated so that when the opportunity presents itself, either of you will have no problem in getting into the mood.

Put it in words

Since timing is of essence during a quickie, talking dirty with your partner will speed up the arousal and enhance the taboo aspect of the experience. So while you're touching your lover in places in secret places, whisper that you've been thinking about getting your hands on him/her all day. This will make your partner feel sexy and before you know it he/she will be asking for more.

Let go on the non-essentials

One of the best ways to have an amazing quickie is to focus on the experience and to remove attention from details like clothes, grooming and body odor. The benefit of a quick sex session is in its oblivious passion without any notice to the world and its conventions. With only the thought of each other’s bodies on your mind, you need not bother about the fact that you are wearing your granny panties or haven’t had your bath as yet. If you start sweating the small stuff, you may lose focus and end up feeling dissatisfied.

Timing is crucial

Find a time when you have a few minutes before you have to be somewhere, not when you’re already really late. The pressure of not being sure if there is time to go all the way is one of things which adds to the rush of a quickie. Early morning is one of the best possible times to have a quickie with your partner. With the body rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep, sex is often more passionate than at night when you may be tired after a hectic working day. Besides, a morning quickie is the best way to make the rest of the day memorable. The afternoon also offers a great chance for a quickie mainly because it’s an unusual time to be having sex. While the rest of your workplace is glued to their computers, you can delight in the fact that you have sneaked in some amazing sex.

Look for locations

The mere thrill of the quickie stems from doing it in unexpected places. The cramped bathroom cubicle at bars, the halted elevator of buildings or even the obscure corners of dark nightclubs and parking lots make for great venues which can get your desire hormones surging. If you’re at a boring social event, drag your partner into some quiet corner of the building and lose yourself in the ecstasy of a quickie. Though not an original idea, but a quickie in the car, at a location where you won't be arrested for public indecency, can be a very memorable experience. Even if you are at your own place, pull your guy into the laundry room or anywhere you don’t usually have sex and get busy.

Don’t let it all out

One of the best ways to enhance the thrills of a quickie is to leave some clothing on. Apart from very real constraints of time and space which make getting fully undressed impossible, leaving the skirt or trousers on can even spice up a make-believe quickie. Leaving your skirt on with your shirt unbuttoned is hot – and this is sure to be one time your boyfriend won’t mind that you still have some clothes on. On the other hand if you are a guy, you will have to unzip your trousers but maybe you need not take it all the way down – the need to imagine more than what she can actually see is sure to get your girlfriend going.

Get your position right

A satisfying quickie is all about appropriate sex positions. Altering your posture to maximize pleasure will result in an electrifying session. In an elevator or the washroom the guy can try entering his girl from behind, propping her up on a counter or table top, while in a car or movie hall, the girl can go on top. The correct position will add to the heat of the situation and result in some memorable fireworks

Don’t strive for the Big O

If you are eager to enjoy quickie sex, don’t be under pressure to reach an orgasm or give one to your partner. Unless your raging libido can genuinely satisfy your quickie cravings and end in a release, consider orgasms optional when having a quickie. Instead take pleasure in the gotta-have-you-now rush of desire which coupled with the taboo of the setting, is sure to result in electrifying sex – orgasm or no orgasm.

People often have affairs solely for the illicit rush from doing something "bad." Quickies allow you to experience the thrill of having an affair with none of the cheating. However while quick, unadulterated sex is great on occasion, if you constantly barrage your partner with five-minute sessions, he/she will either get bored or think you are only interested in casual hook-ups. The trick is to make it spontaneous but not to make your partner feel like what just occurred had nothing to do with him/her and was all about you. And the only way to avoid this is to have a loving and supportive relationship in general and not look at sex as the only way to be close to your partner.