Sex Positions to Improve Chances of Pregnancy - Getting Pregnant Faster


Couples who have been trying to have a baby are often advised to use certain sex positions to increase the chances of a pregnancy. While this may or may not be supported by scientific evidence, sometimes there is no harm in trying out an option which seems to offer a better chance than its alternative.

However before going through sex positions which seem to offer a better chance of pregnancy, it is best to keep certain facts in mind. Pregnancy occurs when the sperm present in the male semen ejaculated during intercourse meets and fertilizes the egg released into the uterus of a woman. Nature ensures that a pregnancy can take place while having sex in any position – sitting, standing, side by side and even with the woman lying on top. This is because all healthy sperms have the ability to swim up to the female cervix in their attempt to fertilize the egg. However sometimes the sperm may be too weak to reach the cervix on their own which is when nature might need a little help in the form of suitable sex positions.

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Yet another factor which necessitates use of special sex positions to aid pregnancy is the very short span of time that the egg is alive in a woman’s uterus. After being released from the ovary in the female fallopian tube during the period known as ovulation, an egg or ovum makes its way to the uterus, ready to be fertilized. However since the egg lives for just 24 hours in a woman’s body, it needs to be met by a sperm and fertilized by the sperm within this short period if a pregnancy is to occur. This is why the sperm needs to be released as close to the entrance of a woman’s cervix so that fertilization of the egg and consequently pregnancy can take place.

Essentially any sex position which best and soonest exposes the sperm to a mature ovum is ideal for pregnancy. So now that you are clear on how and why certain sex positions may to improve chances of a pregnancy, it is time to see what you and your partner can explore.

Missionary position

This is the most common sex position adopted by couples and involves the male partner lying on top of the female. Common sense and a simple understanding of the law of gravity indicate that this position is best suited for fertilization of an egg. This is not only because it offers the deepest possible penetration but also since the woman is lying in a receptive position, the sperm is deposited very near the entrance of the cervix, thus maximizing its chances of meeting and fertilizing the egg. On the other hand, in sex positions where the female partner is sitting, standing or lying on top, there are chances that the sperm may not get near the cervix since gravity is pulling them in the opposite direction.

The rear entry position

This sex position involves the male partner penetrating the female from behind. Since this position also offers deep penetration, it is helpful in depositing the sperm near the entrance of the cervix thus allowing maximum chances of fertilization of the egg. 

Side by side position

Couples trying for a pregnancy can also have intercourse in the side by side position. This like the rear entry posture again provides adequate exposure of the female cervix to the male sperm.

Other sex tips

Sometimes it helps if the woman lies with a pillow under her hips while the couple has an intercourse in the missionary position. This is because the pillows provide a slight elevation to the hips, thus preventing the sperm from flowing out after ejaculation and keeping it inside so as to maximize its chances of swimming up to the female cervix and fertilizing the egg. However make sure that the pillow is not too large or else the sperm will pool behind the cervix instead of swimming up the uterus. Again, a few doctors even advise women to lie with her hips pulled up for some time after the male ejaculation so that the sperm does not flow out and has the best possible chance to travel up to her cervix. So if you are trying to get pregnant, don’t jump up right after the intercourse and head for the washroom. Rather lie still in your partner’s arms for around fifteen minutes – if anything, it is a wonderful post-coital ritual and offers an opportunity to let you bask in the afterglow.

Having an orgasm

Sometimes a female orgasm can be the ideal aid to achieving pregnancy. This is because the contractions in the uterus experienced during an orgasm can actually push the sperm up to the cervix, thus maximizing its chances of meeting and fertilizing the egg. In fact according to the Darwinian perspective, the whole purpose of a female orgasm is to ensure that the woman lies in a prone position, thus maximizing her chances of getting pregnant and advancing the species. This stance can be extended to imply that whatever position a woman enjoys best may help her to get pregnant, even if it may not be aligned to the laws of gravity. The biggest lesson here perhaps is to have fun while having sex and leave nature to do the rest.

Timing is important

Ultimately timing is more important than position when having sex to get pregnant. Read up or research on what is the best time for you or your partner to conceive and make sure you include other lifestyle changes like staying away from cigarettes and excessive alcohol to give yourselves the best chance of having a baby.
Scientifically, it is yet to be proven that adopting certain sex positions can increase the chances of a woman getting pregnant. Despite that, keep experimenting with different positions and taking pleasure in female orgasm – whether or not it results in a pregnancy, you and your partner are sure to enjoy the sex and in the end, that is not a bad deal either.