Sex Positions in a Pregnancy - Having Sex When you're Pregnant


One of the most common questions faced by couples during a pregnancy is how to have sex. While doctors believe that making love is alright during a normal pregnancy, the parents-to-be often agonize about any potential dangers to mother or the unborn child. Here are some sex positions which are safe and comfortable during a pregnancy.

Woman on top

This is one of the most preferred sex positions during a pregnancy since it allows the woman to manipulate her body as she is comfortable. Not only there is no pressure applied on the belly but the woman is also in control of the depth and angle of penetration. However in later stages of a pregnancy as the woman’s back keeps taking on additional weight of the growing fetus, a woman may find this position quite tiring and hard on her back muscles. At those times, she can lie down or explore other positions even though some women still find the woman-on-top position most suitable.

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Spooning position

This involves the couple lying side by side but with the man facing his partner’s back – just like the way spoons are stacked against one another. Here too there is no pressure on the woman’s abdomen and she is left with adequate room for movement. This coupled with the fact that the male partner can position himself from behind the woman at different angles for penetration makes the spooning position one of the most comfortable during pregnancy. However the woman should be careful not to lie on her right while having sex in this position.

Lying side by side

Yet another position that a couple can adopt while making love is lying side by side but facing each other. This once again prevents either partner from taking the weight of the other and especially saves the pregnant belly from taking any pressure. Moreover there is more physical contact in this position and the visual connection can be deeply fulfilling. The downside of this sex position is that penetration can be slightly difficult. However the couple can try crossing over the legs over each other’s since this may provide more room for penetration.

The edge of the bed position

This is another favorite of couples who are coping with an expanding belly due to a pregnancy. The woman can lie on the edge of a bed on her back while her partner stands or kneels before her but off the bed. This position takes away any pressure on the belly since the partner is not standing or kneeling on the bed. Yet another advantage is that the position allows for the pleasure of face-to-face physical contact.

The rear entry sex position

This is another that takes the weight off the abdomen. The best part about this position is the sense of novelty that it lends, especially if it something that a couple does not indulge in regularly. Moreover the position also lends itself to variety – besides the one where both partners lie on bed, they can also adopt a position where the woman is on her knees and facing the edge of the bed. While her torso is supported by the bed, her knees are on the ground resting on pillows and her partner can penetrate from behind, either standing or kneeling simultaneously.

Whatever works for a couple

In the later stages of a pregnancy no matter how dexterous a couple may try to be, intercourse can become difficult if not risky. However this does not mean that partners can no longer experience sexual pleasure with each other. This is time to explore what works for the couple without being hedged by preconceived notions of what is and is not right during sex. A couple may find that expressions of physical intimacy like sensual massages, relaxing baths, more cuddling and mutual masturbation are equally if not more satisfying. Fact is whatever two people in love agree upon is exactly what they need.

Accept the changes

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is going through an incredible number of changes and an expanding belly is usually the last of them. In the early stages, the hormonal fluctuations caused by a pregnancy can leave a woman fatigued, nauseated and with extra sensitive breasts and nipples - hardly the right conditions for enjoying sex. On the other hand, increased vaginal lubrication and engorgement of the genital area may help some women to experience orgasms like never before. Besides these, the lack of birth control and - if the couple have been trying for a while - the return to sex as pleasure as opposed to sex as procreation may make the experience more fulfilling than ever. All these factors simply indicate that there are no right and wrong ways or feelings when it comes to sex during pregnancy and indeed sex at any time. A couple has to explore what works best for them while keeping issues of comfort and fulfillment in mind and then simply go on with it.
Be aware of what to avoid

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon which is why doctors see nothing wrong in couples having sex even when a baby is on the way. However if it is a complicated pregnancy then it is best to be guided by what the doctor suggests. Oral sex is generally safe but if it is the woman who is receiving it, she should make sure that her partner does not blow air into her vagina. This is because in rare instances a burst of air may block a blood vessel leading to a condition known as air embolism which may even be fatal for her and the baby. Besides this, her partner should refrain from inserting water or any other foreign object into her vagina during sex. As a rule, pregnant women are advised against engaging in anal intercourse since this may cause infection-causing bacteria to spread from the rectum to the vagina and thus increase the risk of urinary tract infections or vaginal infections. And pregnancy is hardly the right time to invite any sort of infection. Furthermore, anal sex may be uncomfortable if a woman has pregnancy-related hemorrhoids. Finally, douching should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy.

So, as long as a couple keep in mind issues of safety and comfort, there is no reason why sex cannot be enjoyable during pregnancy.