Role Playing Ideas to Spice up your Sex Life in a Marriage


Sociologists and marital counselors are often found complaining that urban married couples are having less sex than ever before. But the good news is that women are experimenting more and taking greater initiative to spice up their love life. A survey of 4200 British women published by the tabloid Sun revealed that four out of five among them like to dress up for their partners and indulge in role play. So if you are thinking of jazzing up things a bit in your own bedroom, here are a few ideas you can choose from.

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Role playing as a french maid

In the Sun report, almost half the women who admitted to role playing said that the French maid was the most preferred outfit. In this, the nineteenth century maid’s black and white afternoon uniform is given an erotic makeover to cater to sexual fantasies of servitude to a dominant partner. The French maid look can range from the very conservative to the very revealing but the chief components usually are black pumps, a miniskirt, exposed garters, a lacy apron and white tiara to give a sexy touch. Don’t forget to arm yourself with a feather duster though. You can use this to brush over your partner, carress him at the right places, thereby driving him to the heights of sexual ecstasy. Prominent examples in mainstream media of this kind of role playing include Jennifer Aniston dressing up as a French Maid in Friends with Money 2006 as well as Lynette of Desperate Housewives in Episode 21 of Season 1 using the outfit to vary her bedroom routine.

Role playing as a school girl

When Britney Spears swayed to the pulsating beats of the music video of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, millions of men around the world went weak at their knees. Dressed in red and white checked school uniform, Spears not only danced and sang her way to the top of the music charts but also played out to one of the most common sexual fantasies of men – that of a school girl. The virginal innocence juxtaposed with adolescent sexuality may be intensely appealing to some men and if your partner is one of those, dig out your old school uniform. But make sure the skirt is short, the socks pulled down to reveal your ankles and your shirt buttoned deep enough to glimpse a cleavage. If you can carry it off, put on an appealing pair of specs. Last but not the least, a lollipop as a prop and you are all set, a la Lolita.

Role playing as a nurse

A plain starched white nurse’s uniform can form the base of an exciting role playing with the addition of a few accessories like sexy innerwear, a short revealing skirt, sheer stockings and white high heels. You can however vary the degree of exposure depending on how long you want the act to go on before you get down to business. Have the bodice buttoned deep to reveal your cleavage while you bend over your partner to take his temperature for fun. Or tut-tut your man if he wants to get up from bed while playing the flu patient. The role of a nurse probably satisfies some kind of Freudian notion of maternal/sexual desire and fulfills a man’s need to be nurtured and taken care of. But as long as he is enjoying all that attention, why think too much about it?

Role playing as a nun

An enveloping nun’s habit might not initially seem the right way to go about a night of lusty pleasures. But something that is obsessively hidden draws the most amount of attention and here that means a woman’s sexuality. Conceal every inch of your body in a black habit and then paint your lips a bright red to take the sexual tension to the ultimate pitch. When seducing your partner take all the time in the world to pull off one item of clothing after another till he can stand it no more and reaches out for you. If you and your partner like to play it really bizarre, let the high strains of church music play in the background while you both play out the nun fantasy. Like the schoolgirl, nun is another icon of passivity or sexual innocence and therefore suitable to play out for male partners who fantasize about sexually dominating roles. There is also the thrill of the forbidden fruit here.

Mid-eastern exotica

Think sequins, beads, rustling skirts, chiming bracelets, gauze veils and lots of sensuous Arabic music. The best part of this sexual role is that not only your partner will be dying to join you in the dance but you can get to have a lot of fun too – playing around with exotic fabrics, sounds and colors. For this you don’t need to get hold of the costume of an exotic dancer. Just pair up a gorgeously sequined bodice with a brightly colored low-waist skirt that goes down way below your navel. Put on some jewelry with soft tinkling sounds and give your skin a golden glow with makeup. Most important of all is of course the sheer veil which will partially hide your face and only be taken off when the music reaches a soul-shuddering climax. Get the idea?

Sporty fun

Your partner always complains that you just do not enjoy sports. Well here is the right time to prove him wrong. Surprise him by Dressing up in the shorts and jersey of your partner’s favorite football (or any other sports) team and ask him if he is ready to play ball. However if you want to keep things more feminine, dig up your old cheerleading outfit, put on  really sexy hairdo and give your partner lots to cheer about.

Playing a policewoman - role playing as a cop

This is yet another popular choice for sexual role playing especially if your partner goes for bondage themes. Dress up in uniform of a lady cop but keep the shirt tight on the bodice and use black shiny boots. If you wish to go the whole hog, do the badges, lapels and the peak cap thing too. But the most important prop of course is the handcuffs and you are ready to ask, “Are you going to come quietly, sir”!

Sexual role playing is all about fun and fantasy. There are no hard and fast rules on how you must play out a role – for some the whacker it is, the better. As long as you and your partner follow the ground rules of safety and comfort, go ahead with what you both enjoy most.