Natural aphrodisiacs for women


Sex and the ultimate quest for pleasure, have always preoccupied both men and women. While propaganda always highlights the male preoccupation with sexual fulfillment, women are also eager to experiment with aphrodisiacs. Studies reveal that a significant proportion of women never achieve orgasm and sexual fulfillment. Natural aphrodisiacs are substances occurring in nature like plants, fruits, nuts and vegetables that can be used to stimulate and enhance desire. They may also improve the ability to have sex.

Many of the natural aphrodisiacs work for men and women alike but in different ways, acting on their natural systems with the end goal of intensifying sexual desire. Some of the following items are formulated to boost the libido, or even to expand sexual experience. Then there are those that are designed to improve general well-being, increase energy and act as mood enhancers – leading to a greater interest in sex.

Some of the natural female aphrodisiacs are:

Arginine, an amino acid found in meat, nuts, eggs, coconut milk and cheese, has been found as a safe and effective route to increase the amount of growth hormone (GH) released from the pituitary gland that helps to retard many aspects of aging. As a natural female aphrodisiac, Arginine, along with other supplements, enhances sexual desire, can reduce vaginal dryness, increase the frequency of intercourse and orgasm and even improve clitoral sensation and sexual arousal, thus giving a boost to the libido.

Chocolate, favored by the Aztec gods, helps the release of serotonin that is responsible for feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Dark chocolate is preferable as it contains a higher level of cocoa that is supposed to be more effective. It provides a boost to some good, old-fashioned loving and has the additional advantage of being high in magnesium and antioxidants.

Damiana has been found to contain alkaloids that directly stimulate the sex organs and is also known for its ability to tone the mucous membranes of reproductive organs. Mexican women used to drink an infusion of the herb a couple of hours before bed, to get aroused for their men. Thus it acts as a sexual stimulant. It not only increases the possibility of reaching orgasm but also increases its intensity and betters sexual performance. It is also known to be helpful for the digestive system. It has been helpful in female physiological/hormonal areas such as irritability, headache and acne, and menstrual difficulties, insufficient flow or delayed menstruation in adolescent girls.

Fenugreek, a medicinal plant, has aromatic seeds which were used extensively by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Harem women used it as part of their staple diet, to increase the size and roundness of their breasts. It is also reportedly used in some herbal products that claim ‘bust enhancement’ properties. It is sometimes recommended to nursing mothers to improve their milk supply. It aids in the synthesis of various sex hormones and has estrogenic effects. The seeds have a maple syrup-like odor, and can freshen breath, making somebody more likely to want to get closer to you!

Ginger, a phallic-shaped root, has sexual links by virtue of its appearance, and is known to increase blood circulation to the extremities. It also possesses anti-bloating properties that can help you avoid the postprandial belly. Ginkgo Biloba is a tree, the leaf of which is highly popular for its antioxidant properties, as well as for improving circulation and enhancing memory.

Ginseng is a root said to aid sexual desire, satisfaction and orgasm and is effective as a natural aphrodisiac for women by having an effect on the dopamine system as well. It endows a woman with youthful vigor and plays a significant role in fertility.

Horny Goat Weed, a leafy plant growing in the wild, higher altitudes, is said to provide a boost to the libido and so is useful as a natural aphrodisiac for women.

Indole-3-Carbinol, a naturally occurring phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables, helps in removing excess estrogen from the body, a balance of which is essential for a healthy libido in women.

Litchi, also called Wolfberry, is a tangy fruit known to have rejuvenating effects on sexuality and fertility. It can be dried and prepared as a tea. Scientific studies indicate that polysaccharides found in this fruit, protect the female sex organs in addition to protection of sexual tissue, eliminate fatigue, increase adaptability to exercise load and enhance resistance. It is also reported to have anti-aging properties.

Maca, a root/vegetable found in Peru, has been traditionally used as a natural female aphrodisiac to increase energy, vitality, stamina and endurance in athletes and also to promote mental clarity and for fertility. It has also been used to treat female menstrual irregularities and hormone imbalances like menopause and perimenopause. Those with menstrual irregularities have experienced greater consistency, while in women, hot flashes, mood swings and other associated perimenopause and menopause symptoms, have reduced drastically.

Pine nuts are very popular among communities in the Himalayas, also associated with high birth rates! They have a high protein content, which is responsible for boosting hormone levels.

Rhodiola Rosea, a plant, can provide a boost to sexual desire in women as well as having a positive effect on sexual function by improving satisfaction, pleasure and response to orgasms. It helps the body cope with stress, contributes to lessening fatigue, renewed sexual energy and there have been reports of menopausal women feeling invigorated.

Safed Musli, a natural herb, with white (safed) tubers, has widespread medicinal aphrodisiac properties. It has been used in Ayurveda and can be used as a health-giving tonic, a remedy for pre-natal and post-natal problems, as also a restorative for improving immunity.

Vanilla can be employed by a woman to get a man into a pliant and happy mood. The scent of vanilla is recognized by the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls memory and emotion, and is associated with childhood memories of nurturing and security. So while it may not be an aphrodisiac for women, or a stimulant, it can put a man in an acquiescent mood, which has obvious advantages.

Research has revealed that while men don't need too many tips in sexual technique and the mechanics of sex, they do need to be more loving and understanding of a woman’s psyche and needs. This talks of blending emotional loving with skillful technique to help a woman feel more fulfilled. So while natural female aphrodisiacs may help, the most natural and powerful aphrodisiac for a woman is being intimate on an emotional and physical level.

Extensively researched from 4 Freedoms Tantra, American Psychiatric, Onecer Food Exchange and 4 Men’s Health