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The word aphrodisiac was coined for a substance that stimulates or increases sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs for men can work their magic in several ways. They can prolong and strengthen an erection and heighten the desire to have sex, enhance virility or can even be used to treat certain physiological conditions like sexual dysfunction and impotence. But on the whole, aphrodisiacs can be loosely termed as libido boosters.

Sexual desire is so often thought to be a natural emotion that we tend to forget that its dynamics depend upon a complex and seamless co-ordination of psychological, physiological and lifestyle factors. This is why despite your best intentions and a reasonably stable relationship, you may find yourself feeling low in the bedroom which is when you should take a second look at your lifestyle for evidence of stress. Here are ten signs that stress and worry are taking a toll on your love life.

Among the many differences between men and women when it comes to sex, foreplay has long been a mystery for most guys. While they do want to make an effort to their women to get in the mood, they are often unsure of how to go about it. Add to this the very real problem that different things turn on different women and you have a very real concern at your hands. Here are though some great foreplay ideas which are not only certain to arouse your partner but can be a source of pleasure for you as well by way of anticipating the good things to come.

When Tiger Woods crashed his car in the neighborhood in a drunken daze over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, little did the golfing prodigy realize that he would be making way for worldwide publicity to a hitherto little-known disorder, sex addiction. And yet sexual addiction is a problem that affects millions of men every day and significantly impacts the health of their relationships. If you think your boyfriend is afflicted with the same condition, here are a few things you need to know.

Among the many ingredients that are purported to evoke sexual desire, ginseng is today one of the most popular. It has gained something of a mythical character with claims being made about the root’s power to help humans in combating a range of conditions including diabetes, stress, sexual dysfunction together with an ability to raise general immunity. While there is still no hard medical evidence to ascertain how much of the claims, if any, are based on fact, here are some points to consider before one decides to use ginseng as a supplement and especially as an aphrodisiac.

Partners who have been in a relationship for a period of time are already aware that sexual pleasure means different things to men and women. However researchers are now increasingly discovering that apart from the mind, the body in men and women experiences sexual arousal and climax in different ways as well. The capacity of have multiple orgasms is one such site of supposed difference. Here is a little more about whether men can have multiple orgasms and if so, how.

What are multiple orgasms?

Sex is not simply a physical act of release – there are a whole lot of other aspects to it like emotions, senses, hormones, perceptions and so on. Thus it is no wonder that different things turn on different individuals. However a specific turn-on this can go to an extreme and turn into a fetish with a potential for inducing sexual incompatibility and eventually a breakup. So if a sexual fetish is creating problems in your relationship, here are a few things you can do.

Know what it means

Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has experimented with various types of herbs to cure sexual dysfunction or simply to put the zing back into their sex lives. Herbs with purported aphrodisiacal properties generally work by curing the body of various disorders which may be interfering with sexual pleasure or by supplying the body with nutrients essential for healthy sex. Saw palmetto is one such herb which has long been reputed to work wonders for the human libido.

About saw palmetto

Lifestyle Tips for a healthy love life

A healthy and fulfilling love life is not just about finding the right person. If you want your relationship to be satisfying on all accounts, you have to keep yourself physically and emotionally fit. Here are a few lifestyle tips that can help you to enjoy a healthy and active love life.

Virginity is differently evaluated in different cultures. In some it merely refers to a state of never having sexual intercourse while in others it may be inseparable from notions of purity and honor. Cultures which subscribe to the latter usually prohibit sex before marriage. so if you are a virgin and getting married soon, here a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Various nuances of being a ‘virgin’


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