Falling in love - Should you trust your intuition when in love?


It is believed that people in love listen to their hearts rather than their minds. ‘Love is a state of euphoria in which our senses become numb and it is just the beating of our hearts which is audible" , says lovelorn Anne, who is smitten by Scott, her boyfriend of one year. Incidentally Scott echoes Anne’s sentiments and adds, "When in love, logic or reasonable thinking takes a backseat; we either trust our intuition or listen to our heart.

Being in love does not necessarily mean a state of euphoria or happiness. There will be certain circumstances where conflicting ideas or emotions arise. Keeping the love of your life involves different stages like commitment, trust and fidelity. At each of these stages, there are thoughts and feelings telling you what to do and when to do it. You need to listen to your intuition so that you can make smart decisions. The following tips will help you to understand if your intuition can be trusted when in love.

People in love should remember that trusting your intuition does not imply that you either listen to your heart or mind.

Signal alert

Take notice of the signal from your head and heart. You will be able to interpret what your intuition is telling you. When there are conflicting messages: When in love, your mind often says one thing while your heart says another. Here there is a contrast between your thoughts and feelings. Learn to decipher, distinguish and arrive at a consensus after discussing with your partner.

Emotional overload

A surging rush of emotions when in love can create a conflict between your thoughts and feelings. Decision making becomes tough in such a situation. Try to seek some solitude, relax and reflect and you shall soon hear the answers. Once the answer comes, you should act quickly so that you do not have time to doubt your decision.

You should never feel trapped or unable to choose what is right for you. If at any time you do feel this way, then that is a good sign that something is not right with the relationship. You then need to examine what it is that is holding you back. If it turns out to be the other person, you are probably better off leaving the relationship.

Tricky situations

When in love, couples may have to face tricky situations where tough decisions have to be made. Blindly trusting your intuition while making an important decision is definitely not the right thing to do. Couples who have a strong relationship should discuss with each other and mutually agree on what to do next.

Trusting your intuition in love is acceptable in certain stages of a relationship when things are not complicated. But do not get blinded by love and act intuitively without considering the negative consequences. Work on waking up your awareness level of any given situation. Concentrate and listen to what your heart and mind have to say. Interpret the messages accurately and you will definitely transform your relationship into a successful one!